1UP Previews: Gran Turismo 5: Prologue

1UP writes:

"The real, full Gran Turismo 5 is due out Holiday 2008, at best, so to please the legion of GT fans (or cash in shamelessly, depending on your point of view), Sony CEJ just released Gran Turismo 5: Prologue in Japan. Obligatory stats: 37 cars, 5 tracks, $40 via Japanese PSN or about $50 if you import a disk (PS3 is region-free, so guess your way through the menus and you can play with little difficulty)."

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TANOD3811d ago

geez 1up never learns

see GS---no1 gaming site years ago and now it has been plunged into oblivion by Aaron/Geff and other moneyhatting MS BOTS.

1up/EGM/EUROGAMER will face the same consequences as GS

TheExecutive3811d ago

lol... every other site that has previewed this game said it was outstanding. They also said that the physics and driving were different and tighter than ever. Whats up 1up?

Kleptic3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

"appears to be upscaled to 1080p (which probably is more than likely) and sufferes occasional screen tearing and even more occasional framerate drops, espeically during bouts of very heavy traffic..."

...well...they are the only website to even hint at that...I guess not everyone can hail it as the most visually impressive game ever made so far...could have bet money that it would have been 1up to take that honor... and what does "more occasional" mean?...does that mean it happens more often?...Or does that mean it is less frequent?...I don't know why that is making my head hurt...

Damphear3811d ago

you know its a DEMO right

krik3811d ago

Frame rate drops from 60 FPS to what? 59? How the f*ck can they tell? It's not like most 30 FPS games where any frame rate drops are noticeable, dropping from 60 to even 30 in a few spots will not make a difference.

Also upscaling is likely but only horizontal. I think the game is rendered at 960x1080 which is still freaking awesome. Just look at the damn videos and screenshots... it looks freaking real.

mistertwoturbo3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

GT5 was found to be a resolution of something like 1024x1080. Not necessarily full 1920x1080 resolution. but hey at least it's 1080 somewhere in there with 16 highly detailed cars at 60 frames per second in-game and 30 frames per second replays. It's a higher resolution for any racing game to date.

clocks in at 1,105,920 pixels while 720p (1280x720) clocks in at 921,600. Still more pixels than 720p. So it's 800p if you ask me lol

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predator3811d ago

this game is great, pitty us europeans get stuffed when it comes to release dates.

Blademask3811d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. 1up has theirs.

GT5 does have framerate issues... occasionally it dips down to 59fps with all 16 cars on the screen.

Marceles3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

59fps?? that's horrible!

*obvious sarcasm*

"Prologue currently has no US release date, and unless the price drops if/when it does arrive, you may want to wait until the full game is finally done."

Uh huh, right 1up...i'm getting it on day 1 just to piss you guys off.

eagle213811d ago

I think it's genius to cover development costs by giving a couple million diehard fans a great taste of the game!

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The story is too old to be commented.