Euro PSN Update: Snakeball Free?


"We have the full European Playstation Store Update here at Ripten and Sony seem to have gone Christmas crazy again. The Warhawk Omega Dawn Booster pack was free for a limited time in Europe, and now it appears that Snakeball is free also - it could be a demo, or it could be the full game."


*Update* - Snakeball was only on the Australian store, and the "offer" was soon solved with a price of AU$12.95. It has since disappeared, and whether it will return is unknown. It hasn't made the UK update, but there is still a chance that it might appear.

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Lumbo3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

It's true, i "bought" it for free 1 minute ago .. though it will only be available for download from the 27th of Dec.


It's at 7.99 € now .. but it was "free" for a little while , ill add a snippet from my purchase confirmation mail:

Bestellnummer: 264997225
Bestelldatum: 20/12/2007 @ 07:49 PM
Gesamt: €0,00

Artikel / Service Details Einzelpreis
------------------------------ ------------------------------- -------------

EP9000-NPEA00037_00-GSNAKEBAL L000001-E001 Snakeball™ (Vollversion) €0,00
----------------------------- ------------------------------- --------------
Gesamt €0,00
Guthaben €4,07

Dies ist keine Rechnung mit ausgewiesener Mehrwertsteuer.

Das PLAYSTATION(R)Network-Team

techie3621d ago

ur funny O_o mwah haha

techie3621d ago

Snakeball isn't on the UK store, is it on the AUS one then?

UnblessedSoul3621d ago

Awesome although I would buy these kind of games if we had those money card thingys

predator3621d ago

how come mine hasnt updated? i cant even find warhawk booster pack!!!

what the hell is going on!!!!!!!!

Infernus3621d ago

I got the pack from the Warhawk Store that's been added by the 1.20 patch. Much easier :D

bOOmStiCK3621d ago

Update* I bought it too, but it wouldn't download and now they fixed it costs 7,99€ euro's now and I can't download it. So there was a failsafe built in for these kinda things too bad though. I was hoping it was a christmas present from Sony :p

I'm on the Belgian store. I noticed that the UK doesn't have is update yet.

Darkiewonder3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

it'll go through but download won't start nor does it show in the download list :3

EDIT: seems like it's nowhere to be seen anymore lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.