Modern Warfare 3:New Overwatch DLC Map Trailer

Gunfire breaks out on a construction site on top of a New York City skyscraper.

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princejb1341833d ago

they have the nerve to show quick scoping in this video smh

aviator1891833d ago

Now, I don't like call of duty anymore, but quick scoping is enjoyed by many fans of the series. And if you're good at it, I'm sure it's fun as well. They're just showing it off for the fans.

FinaLXiii1833d ago

Highrise + Hardhat = Highhat.

dazzrazz1833d ago

Stone Age animations...

sandman2241833d ago

So..... we get a whopping one map????

GhettoBlasStarr1833d ago

I just wish there were at least 3-4 maps a month. Maybe 2 new & 2 old. But 1-2 maps can get old real fast & doesn't seem worth the money up front.

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