The Last Story: New Gameplay Video

Nintendo has released a new TV commercial for The Last Story.

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Colwyn2073d ago

looks good. id love to play it

tiffac0082073d ago

Can't wait! Hopefully Ninty releases this in NA too like Xenoblade.

FinaLXiii2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

It wont sell good enough because it isnt on PS3.

Knight_Cid2073d ago

what you cant do is troll well enough

CLOUD19832073d ago

Knight_Cid do u see that like trolling? the guy just say the truth why u thing Xenoblade sell crap although most people say that it's the best JRPG of the last decade? because it's on the fcking Wii that only little kids have and those kids dont care about JRPG's.

Xenoblade & The Last Story would have much better sales not only on PS3 even on xbox I wonder how Sagakuchi & Takahashi cant see that they must stop making those kind of games for Wii there is no meaning their fanbase is somewhere else and they r not going to buy a console just to play 1-2 games so the sales will continue to be crap.

Knight_Cid2073d ago

I see it like it is.

Xenoblade sold AMAZINGLY. for a new ip rpg.

No offense dude but you seem like your a troll too if you think all 100 million owners of the wii are kids.

Ah so not only are you a troll your a sony fanboy.

Why would a game have better sales on a flop system that only sold 50 million life time basically? vs a system that has a higher install base in every region?

Come on dude. try harder.

Titanz2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

Bias much?

Eamon2073d ago

troll troll trolling along, gently under the bridge