Halo 3: Combat Re-reviewed re-review Halo 3, three months after release and look at the campaign, the multiplayer, playlist additions, the new map pack and more. Check out the ultimate Halo 3 review!

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i Shank u3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

my re-review is:
Before cod:4 came out = 8/10 fun game with flaws
After Cod:4 = 0/10, and "wtf is a halo? i dont have time for that"

KrazyKoala3807d ago

I disagree. I did the same thing for a while but I'm starting to play a bit more Halo 3 again. The thing is that Halo 3 isn't radically different from Halo 2 and I played the crap out of that for over a year. I don't think that makes Call of Duty 4 more fun than Halo 3, it's just different. I think I enjoyed Halo 2 more than I enjoy CoD4 to be honest (multiplayer that is). I love CoD4's leveling system but I hate the lack of vehicles.

That said, the large Halo 3 maps need to be reworked in terms of vehicles, I'm sick of ghosts choppers and warthogs only, give me the Skorpion and Hornet! (and why is there only one banshee in Sandtrap?)

chitown3808d ago

cod gets old fast. watch its just COD fever ull be coming back to halo after a while and BTW halo takes skill to play cod 1 hit ur killed and whoever shoots first.i played it at my friends house and hes good at videogames and we were tied even though he played it for 3-4 weeks while that was my first time playing

DJ3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

And I really can't understand the Call of Duty 4 accusation of "Whoever shoots first wins, regardless of skill or weapon." The weapon set is extremely varied, as is the accuracy, range, and recoil of each weapon.

You say "Halo takes skill" as if no other shooter franchise on the market requires skill to survive in, and this is a very shortsighted statement to make. As much as I love Halo's multiplayer mode (though part 3 has a particularly nasty programming error), it just doesn't compare to Call of Duty 4.

Guitarded3808d ago

Did their score change from the first one to this one? Are they trying to tell us they were caught up in the hype and now they want a do over? In any case I like Shadowrun better than Halo3 or COD4. If you haven't tried it yet I'd recommend it. Once you get how the different races, weapons, magic, and tech work together, it's just way fun to try out all the combinations.

cain1413807d ago

Original Score was 9.2 I think? I'm also a fan of shadowrun, but unfortunatly, most people don't even take a look at that...

Halo 3 and Cod4 are better though...

CeruleanSky3808d ago

Guess Microsoft is sending out more 1000 dollar in Halo 3 crap to 'reviewers' to ensure 9+ review scores once again for this turd of a game.

Can't handle next gen resolutions - can only run in 640p instead of 720p

Last gen looking graphics engine with hideous art direction

No dedicated servers

Laggy P2P online play

Pathetic 16 players only per online game

Worst AI of any fps on the market

Short and boring single player campaign

My god does Bungie suck. Or maybe its the crappy Microsoft 360 developers tools. Or maybe its the wimpy 360 graphics hardware.

Probably some combination of all three...

Ugly American3808d ago

I believe... I think... I feel that COD 4 is infinitely better than Halo 3. I cannot even go back to Halo 3 multiplayer after playing COD 4. That makes me sad. I even have the Halo 3 Xbox 360.

But do me a favor and get OUT OF HERE with your weak fanboy crap. Nobody cares that you want to rail on a decent game. The console is good. The game is good. If anything sucks... you do. Welcome to it.

ambientFLIER3807d ago

Can't handle next gen resolutions - can only run in 640p instead of 720p --- That was done on purpose for the lighting effects. Besides, COD4 runs at a lower resolution.

Last gen looking graphics engine with hideous art direction --- B.S. The game is above average looking for the 360 console, and I dare you to prove me otherwise. ALl the reviews praise the art style.

No dedicated servers --- Who cares?

Laggy P2P online play --- Once in a blue moon, once again, who cares. get a better connection then.

Pathetic 16 players only per online game --- Retarded reason. 16 players works very well, there is no need for more, and certainly isn't pathetic.

Worst AI of any fps on the market --- No.

Short and boring single player campaign --- The only real fact.

Nice try retard, you got one out of 7 right.

pswi603807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I'm partial to Sony in this console war, but Halo 3 is frigging awesome. Anyone who says otherwise hasn't played it, or they suck horribly.

I don't play it all the time because its so addictive. If you wanna check my service record my tag is r4di8t0r on

And what's the deal with saying Bungie sucks? thank god for good developers, thats all i gotta say.

ravenguard883807d ago

You obviously have no idea what the hell you're talking about when it comes to AI.

rich13er3807d ago

PS3 Fanboy TROLL. How many time you have to be called out

KineticX3804d ago

Wimpy graphics hardware?
You clearly don't know anything. The 360's graphics card runs circles around PS3's. But then, that doesn't matter, I guess the PS3 doesn't need a decent graphics card to play Blu-ray movies.

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TwissT3808d ago

How did COD4 get into this? I liked the Orgininal Halo I thought it and number 2 were one of the bests fps's. Personnaly Halo 3 didn't do much for me.

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