1UP Previews Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Between its internal studios and external partners, Microsoft supplies Xbox 360 with various games, including headliners like Halo, Project Gotham Racing, and Viva Pinata. But one Microsoft-published franchise that seems to get lost in the shuffle is Kingdom Under Fire, which spawned two Xbox titles (2004's The Crusaders and 2005's Heroes) that never quite connected with a mainstream audience.

With the impending January release of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, it seems odd that Microsoft and developer Blueside are maintaining the brand -- especially since the gameplay held within this new iteration is markedly different from past titles. Whereas the previous Xbox titles presented a speedy combination of action and strategy elements with several A.I. troops in tow, Circle of Doom is more of a Gauntlet-esque action-RPG with a heavy emphasis on four-player co-op adventuring.

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