Capcom explains the delayed PC release of Resident Evil 6 and other games

Capcom’s Christian Svensson explains why the PC versions their games, such as the upcoming Resident Evil 6, are often released later than the console ones.

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ExitToExisT2122d ago

Yeah right , release a demo 6 months before release , but you are %100 sure that you can't simultaneously release pc and console versions.

Voxelman2121d ago

You know there is a simple fix for that problem, work on the PC version simultaneously with the console versions...

Skate-AK2121d ago

But that won't work cause then PC people will be trippin calling it a console port. With the exception of DICE. If I was a PC player then I would rather wait a little longer to get my game cause they would have that time just dedicated to the PC version and nothing else.

Voxelman2121d ago (Edited 2121d ago )

waiting longer for the port doesn't stop it being a port...

The same work would go into it just at the same time as the console versions so they can release at the same time. It's not like with 500 people working on the game an extra 20 or so people working on PC during the entire development would cost more than getting a hundred to rush it out the door in a couple months after the console version goes gold.