Guild Wars 2 PvP to feature 300 player server vs. server battles and siege warfare

Armies of a hundred players will get the chance to fight for their server in Guild Wars 2′s massive three-way PvP battles. Each army will fight for control of The Mists, an enormous zone packed full of vast NPC controlled fortresses that you’ll have to take and hold using trebuchets, catapults and siege golems. [Tom Senior]

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FlashXIII2462d ago

Lol and this game is coming to console? 300 v 300 on consoles, I'd like to see that. Still if this is anything near as good as it sounds then I can't wait for open beta and a chance to get my hands on this bad boy.

Berserk2462d ago

Your jealousy is so delicious namnamnam ;)

FlashXIII2462d ago

My jealously? What have I got to be jealous about?

ATi_Elite2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

Guild Wars 2 is NOT coming to console just like Diablo III is NOT coming to console.

Ncsoft the Publisher has mentioned a console version BUT ArenaNet the GW Dev team has said nothing about a console version and they have made GW2 so dam big that it just wouldn't work on consoles without some serious gimping.

The game is simply TOO BIG for consoles and the 300 player server war is just another example of the size and scope of the awesome Guild Wars 2.

Yes i know blah blah blah M.A.G. but GW2 is totally different where as it allows for massive amounts of PvP plus simultaneous NPC action as well across huge amounts of game fields that would kill the small amount of ram inside the consoles.

maybe sometime next console gen there may be a Diablo and Guild War "type game" but not DIII or GW2.

JohnnyMann4202461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

You guys forget that Sony, MS and Nintendo are already well on their way for their next gen consoles. GW2 will have staying power for many years to come so who knows.

I believe DIII is coming to consoles. Look at it! I am in the beta, right now it would work on any console the graphics are so dated.

GW2 in current generations? I don't know if I would believe that one either.

JohnnyMann4202461d ago

From what I read it is 300 per server per map. There are 3 W (WvWvW) and 4 maps connected. Crazy!

jaosobno2462d ago

"Guild Wars 2 PvP to feature 300 player server vs. server battles and siege warfare"

...and in another news, HOLY SHIT!

Ser2462d ago

So great to see Guild Wars 2 getting the attention it deserves due to these awesome features.

Can't wait to revisit Tyria.