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Trendy Gamers: Twisted Metal is not a game that should be played solo. If you are planning on getting it just to play through a fun single player campaign with no desire to play online or with friends, you will be sorely disappointed. If you do have a bunch of friends who want to play the game with you and you have an online connection, Twisted Metal is great. You can play the campaign the whole way through with a friend, you can engage in same console deathmatches with four people, and you can take the game online to destroy people around the world.

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Dante1122253d ago

Good read. I really need to pick up TM, money is kinda tight right now.

TrendyGamers2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Blame the money woes on the Vita!

Dante1122253d ago

Lol, it's true (Money going on the PS Vita for Feb 22nd). I'll be sure to pick it up on the next payday though. Almost all of my friends on the PSN are jabbing me to pick it up anyway.

BootHammer2247d ago

Glad TM is getting great reviews, it looks like taking their time with its release paid off.