Stream Your Music Collection: Sony PS3 & MP3tunes gives you unheard of options

This holiday's hottest gift, the Sony PlayStation 3, has become even hotter with new technology from - that turns the gaming device into a home stereo system.

Developed by Ade Rutter for MP3tunes, owners of the PS3 can now wirelessly stream their personal music collections from their own MP3tunes Music Locker using the console's controller.

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WilliamRLBaker3776d ago

isn't it all ready capable of this?

LJWooly3776d ago

I think it is. MP3tunes are probably just trying to raise awareness of this feature.

Blademask3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Yes, you can already copy mp3s/divx movies/xvid movies to the ps3 or stream with Tversity. This is for people who have MP3 tunes.

Just an option.

I've never heard of MP3 tunes.

I wish they did the same for Napster.


Disagrees? ROFLMAO.. Ok Xbots.. you guys need something to do.. Look at the 1up GT5 preview. They mention screen tearing and framerate drops..

Marceles3776d ago

yeah you can stream audio from TVersity

WilliamRLBaker3776d ago

i've been streaming mp3s for a while to my ps3....
and you guys it might not be 360 fanboys that are giving you disagree's, i've noticed alot of people do it to cause problems.

nstott3776d ago

YOu can stream napster through a web browser on your ps3. They have a web application that streams all their songs. You may not be able to do it through the xmb, but you can use it with firefox in linux at the least.

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SmokeyMcBear3776d ago

yeah.. it can already do this.. quite awesomely actually, but i believe this is just a company that is advertising their abililty to take your mp3s and store them so you can access them through the web from anywhere. The fact that the ps3 has a web browser makes it accessible to their services.

Shadow Flare3776d ago

We have a hamster, a monkey wearing glasses, a cat and a dog. And now we have a grey fox

greenenvy3776d ago

....its almost like, people are buying ps3 in droves to watch movies and listen to music but not buy any games....

...I mean WTH....if its so great then BUY games, or do people just get their games elsewhere!?!? its like every month its the same thing.....the only game selling very well seems to be resistance fall of man which is a pack-in game!!!!!

and that will be until....MGS4? GTA4? is it like normal for them.....i mean i almost wouldn't be excited about it being able to do music & more movies better especially if games aren't getting sold.....

geezuz maybe its just a habit....

Zinger3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

I feel sorry that 360 fans have to keep hearing about all the awesome things the PS3 can do besides play games.

"It's almost like, people are buying the PS3 to take full advantage of all the extras/fascets that Sony intended for people to use."

Welcome to the real next gen. Looks like crapbox360 missed the boat. Sorry guys. I for one am glad that i held out and waited for PS3 to come out instead of caving in and buying a RROD because we are just at the tip of the iceburg with the capabilities that this system has to offer. Year 2 is about to begin. Get your popcorn ready.


It might be because my 360 is the new Falcon 2 board and I am upgrading next year to the Falcon 3!!!

My 360 does not get ROD because its built to last, and it really does everything so smooooooth.

So grateful for the new model, all of them should be this nice!!

Anyway I would not let it bother you!!! ps3 owners do not have to buy games, if they can do music & stuff like that there's no reason to!

Besides its called multimedia center for a reason. :)

Zinger3776d ago

3rd times a charm right? you make me laugh.

Marceles3776d ago

lol @ disagrees...what are xbox fans doing in this threads?

Kyur4ThePain3776d ago

I wish Sony and Apple would get together and allow us to stream our iTunes collections. It's not like Apple would lose iPod sales, and iTunes is a free download, so I can't see an issue.

SmokeyMcBear3776d ago

amen to that.. but I do have a little different view of it. I use itunes as my audio player/organizer on my computer. But I already backed up my music on an external hdd. I wish apple would make an itunes like app for the ps3 so you can easily view and navigate your music, especially the music stored on an external. I can use it now, its just that it would that much cooler if it looked like itunes on the ps3.

manloco3776d ago

you can copy the songs on you ipod to your ps3 by hooking your ipod to your ps3 w/usb cord go to music, go into the folder and push copy all

Zinger3776d ago

You would think that this is a smart idea since MS is Apples competition too. It would be another thing they could take a stab at them with.

Integration with the use of ipods and itunes would be a huge blow to MS.

Of course, Sony has to push out their MP3 players too, so i do not see this happening ever.

Kyur4ThePain3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

Will this also copy the songs bought from iTunes that include DRM?
If so, you just solved a huge problem for me, though I'd be surprised if this worked.

I just checked - iTunes-purchased songs show as unsupported data. :(

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