Analyst "Convinced" Take-Two Will Be Acquired

With a strong stable of owned and internally developed IP, Take-Two is a prime candidate for acquisition, an analyst said Thursday.

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If they are bought out let it be Microsoft not Sony!!!!

Or even Electronic Arts if they can afford it!!! That's what I want to see!!!!!

GIJeff3806d ago

just because you sound kinda dumb.

theoneandonly3806d ago

Just as its possible Take 2 could be acquired, its also possible Rockstar Games or 2k Games could be acquired....And its equally possible, someone could buy out Ubisoft.

Bottom line is: These are all possibilities...

But as we know, this is how the Rareware acquisition rumors got started. So it should be taken very serious...

Now, the prime candidates for a buyout of all of Take 2 are basically Microsoft & Sony, and possibily Activision-Blizzard (or EA)

I'm betting Activision-Blizzard has already put a bid on the table.

I couldn't see Take 2 games surrendering to one console and definitely not easily.....they make far too much money having their games across formats, and making them AAA.

In fact with the power of Rockstar and 2k Games, their profit margins may increase by over 5 billion this time as far as investment strategy is concerned.

But, they lost alot of money....and this makes the value of their stock low enough for a buyout by someone like Activision-Blizzard.

I can tell you right now, one thing:

Sony & Microsoft are definitely gunning for this one the highest, because Sony has nothing to lose and everything to gain by a total buyout of Take 2.

Obviously, Sony knows its going to be a real rough road ahead in EUROPE & especially North buying out 2K games, they would receive the entire GTA franchise, Max Payne, Bioshock, and a host of other properties but mainly GTA..

By owning everything to do with GTA, Sony would have the best shot of finally closing the gap in areas such as Europe where they have no hope.....even with all of MS' big guns out including the Splinter Cells, Sony could close the gap and QUICK by owning all of 2K games.

Thus, ensuring they win no matter what> and using the under-handed victory strategy or not it matters little. They would still win.

Anyone who owns something with the selling power and viability of Grand Theft Auto, not to mention new games and others like Bioshock.....will always win. That's after all how they did so well in Europe the last time around.

Now the second reasoning, is Microsoft could beat them to the punch and buy them out instead. If they did, all of the GTA games as well as free-roam games, Max Payne and Bioshock properties would become 360 exclusive forever. (They would own the IP)

If that happened, and it certainly is possible, Microsoft would have no competition left and would run away with Europe & North America and the PS3 would basically never ever catch up.

About the only place things would get interesting would be Japan, but its doubtful Nintendo would lose that territory to either of them this generation.

Anyhow, as stated its merely a possibility. I can see Sony & Microsoft greatly wanting this to happen, no matter what. For the above mentioned enormous advantages, among others...

I however, am doubtful at this point they have the cashflow for a third party publisher this remains open to me...but....

These folks do sell in the millions of software, and I'm talking 10s of millions. So their asking price is likely to be very very large, and I bet it would be hard for anyone.....sans a company merger, to acquire all of the company and its stock.

Since they are bonafied system sellers, it seems like a stretch that they would actually go console exclusive.....there's so much money out there, I could actually see Activision-Blizzard doing some sort of merger acquisition with them before I could see any of the console makers. It remains to be seen in any case....

Vojkan3806d ago

Better not be!!!!!
If they are bought out let it be Sony not Microsoft!!!!

sovietsoldier3806d ago

anyone but ea...come on they make sh*tty games!

Gamingskills3806d ago

Considering how recently they let go of Bungie and other developers. I think they are priming to make a big move. Could this be the move? Who knows only time will tell. Microsoft has the money to make it happen, Sony's game department is to much in the red to offer more money than Microsoft can.