Gamespot Reviews Super Mario Bros. 3: Editor's Choice (9/10)

Time has done nothing to dampen the funky and fresh platforming served up by Super Mario Bros. 3:

The Good
* Varied platformer that introduced all sorts of aspects that future
games would copy
* Still feels fresh and fun
* Graphics and audio are old, yes, but oozing with likeable charm
* Plenty of levels and plenty of ways to go through them, so you
never get bored
* 500 points is a steal for one of the best games ever made.

The Bad
* Lacks the extra levels and audiovisual upgrades from the SNES and GBA

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Brainiac 83741d ago

I love this game.

One of the best in history.

wiizy3741d ago

use to be my favorite mario game. but now i really feel galaxy is better. def agree one of the best games of all time