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My Addiction to the Original Saints Row

Kotaku: These days, Saints Row is very much a household name in gaming. It's a critically successful franchise, a game that has become notorious through its marketing and gimmickry, but also by being a whole lot of fun.

The Saints Row concept really came into its own in the third game, which I liked quite a bit. The over-the-top seeds that were planted for that game were sewn during Saints Row 2. But of all the games in the series, I actually became the most gruelingly addicted to the first one, back when it was just called Saints Row. (PC, PS3, Saints Row, Xbox 360)

TheSuperior  +   1158d ago
I greatly appreciate someone drawing this to saints row fans attention. As i am a huge fan of the entire series i believe with SR3 the game lost who it was... I fell in love with the original SR but i have to admit SR2 was not only my favorite game in the series but my favorite game of all time. I am sad they took such a dramatic change with the series. Even if some people feel it isnt a huge change i do and i breaks my heart :( great post tho :)
acemonkey  +   1157d ago
Love the first one bc the online Pimp hand people online all the time....SR2 was great for the co op...saints row 3 same with co op
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1157d ago
I think if they combined Saints Row 3's over-the-top story with Just Cause 2's game mechanics...it would be a MASTERPIECE!
Burackus  +   1157d ago
Im new to the franchise just started playing last week (sr3) Man i love this game, and the best part is i bought it new for 41 dollars, got it home and put in the online pass and to my surprise i get sr2 for free, i was like that's pretty freaking sweet, but i now going to buy the first one also to get the complete story and to support the devs so they'll keep making this games

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