Space Siege First Look By Videogamer

Wesley Yin-Poole writes, "The obvious out of the way first - Space Siege, the upcoming sci-fi action RPG from Chris Taylor, the man behind PC classics Dungeon Siege, Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander - is indeed set in space. It also features a siege, and a pretty big one at that. You see the Kerak haven't taken too kindly to humanity's exploration of the universe, and have decided to, well, wipe us out. And they almost manage it, with a brutal and devastating invasion of Earth. Only a few city-sized ships escape. One, the Armstrong, carrying the generically named Seth Walker, aka, you, is under siege from the Kerak. So, as you'd expect, humanity's fate lies in your hands. Good job you're a battle-hardened solider with access to super powered robot upgrades then."

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