New Torchlight II Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Runic Games have released some brand new screenshots for Torchlight II. Torchlight II retains the cartoon-ish look of its predecessor and looks as cure as ever."

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soundslike2127d ago

Since D3 is going to be filled with tryhards who think pve is a competitive sport and chinese gold farmers, I'm more pumped for Torchlight 2.

Zephyrus342127d ago

So far looking great! Pumped up but hoping this comes out before summer..

NeoTribe2127d ago

This game better come out prior to diablo or its sales are gonna get crushed. I'm excited for torchlight and am willing to buy it as a cure for my diablo itch. Fact is if diablo comes out before torchlight ill never buy it.

ATi_Elite2127d ago

The longer these idiots wait to release Torchlight II the longer they stand the chance of running into Diablo III.

DO NOT try and go head to head with DIABLO III cause it will only result in Torchlight II hurry up and release it.

Torchlight II works best as a game to get while waiting for Diablo III but if Diablo III is available Torchlight II will get NO LOVE!

NeoTribe2127d ago

If they were smart they would pump it out soon cuz theres many people like us waiting to buy a game like this to cure that diablo itch. There hiniting at 2nd quarter of this year for d3 so possibly september.