New Releases for the Week of February 19th-25th, 2012

With last week’s pre-release and first salvo of launch games making quite a splash, Sony is hoping to capture the spotlight for the second consecutive week with another round of noteworthy Vita titles. Yet, with notable releases such as Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Asura’s Wrath and Syndicate, the new portable faces stiff competition from a trio of console titles.

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CharmingMan2252d ago

I'll try the Alan Wake demo. I really like the first one.

RaptorMan2252d ago

Picking up a vita with Lumines, Hot Shots Golf, and FIFA 12

deserteaglexix2252d ago

No love for Dynasty Warriors anymore? Katamari?

sharpsword2252d ago

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare looks like it might be cool, but I wonder if they are just piece-mealing the game into 4 $15 bits instead of one $60 games. Considering I got the first game for $12 bucks, I don't want something that only going to last an hour or two.

mediastudies2252d ago

1 1/2 Games or a $99 memory card. That's the question this week.

ThanatosDMC2251d ago

I went with a 32gb and Army Corps of Hell. Good thing i got some games on the PSP compatibility list that would work so i'll have other games.

Still sucks that i bought MGS HD on the PS3 (disk) just to find out that Kojima wants to put on the Vita. Oh well... i'll buy it again.

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