Call of Duty Vita Confirmed for This Fall, Sony Calls It An ‘Absolute Game Changer’

While hardly a shocking revelation, it’s been confirmed that Call of Duty is indeed Vita bound. In an interview with GameTrailers, newly-appointed SVP of PlayStation Brand marketing Guy Longworth dropped word that the title is in development.

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Surfaced2288d ago

We've always known COD was coming to Vita. Hell, it was announced alongside the NGP, back when we called it that.

No, the real news in that interview was that Vita COD is indeed coming this year.

dark-hollow2288d ago

THATS what the vita needs.
A strong selling, hugely popular killer app and if done properly it could be the highest point of the vita early years.

If anything could match the fandom and the multi-millions sales of Nintendo killer apps like Pokemon and Mario, then it's cod.

Let's see what all those smartphones praising crowd when they see a proper cod game on the vita.

Blaine2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

If Sony advertise the hell out of it, this will definitely get the Vita huge attention from Western audiences. Can you imagine a proper, full-fledged COD, on a handheld? Will blow people's minds.

1. Would shut up all the "but iPhone games" idiots.
2. Would increase the Vita hype exponentially.

I'll be honest: never was a fan of the COD series. But I realize its general appeal, and I do not deny that it could only be a good thing for it to increase the Vita's hype.

Dante1122288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

I think the cross platforming feature will be the main appeal with CoD on the Vita. I don't think it'll matter if it's a direct port or standalone if it has that feature. Most CoD fans basically buy the "same game" every year anyway and only play for the MP.

Ducky2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

^ Well, if multiplayer-on-the-go is the big selling feature, how would Vita connect to the multiplayer?

You'd need Wifi or 3G ... but the former is rare to come by, and the latter isn't meant for gaming.

I guess being able to play with people near your location could work, but that'd be only against other Vita users, right?

CoD's success on home console systems doesn't necessarily mean it'll do well on a handheld. I think the biggest barrier is convincing people that playing competitive multiplayer is something they'd want to play on the go.
(Assuming the Vita version is a port. If it's a proper exclusive game then it might be a different story)

Honestly, I don't think CoD itself isn't going to propel Vita. However, it certainly is something that will provide good marketing as people will undoubtedly talk about it. It'll go from just-another-PSP-model to that-handheld-that-can-play-ga mes-like-CoD.

JaredH2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Call of Duty is like America's Monster Hunter at the moment. I personally think it would do great and even sell systems if Sony markets the hell out of it. Especially by advertising playing multiplayer on the go and in your hand. If they make it cross platform with the ps3 I'm sure it would sell even more.

The thing a lot of people are not realizing is that Call of Duty's main market is younger kids who just play Call of Duty. I have friends on 360 with 2 days of gameplay on MW3 and they're like 3 millionth or less so a lot of people just play COD. I did this years ago on COD4. When the one game you play is on a new system it is a system seller.

Also I do not really like Call of Duty anymore because it is just the same thing every year but if Sony knows what they're doing I think this game will sell Vitas at Christmas...

ZippyZapper2288d ago Show
SilentNegotiator2287d ago

Stop trolling. Not a single comment before yours indicates that ANY of the posters is a fan. In fact, only the opposite.

Call of Duty will be a major system seller for Sony's latest hardware, and that scares the CRAP out of your little Sony hating mind. As much as you want Vita to fail, we both know that a full fledged COD title on a handheld for the first time ever will mean that will never happen.

hellztourguide4202287d ago


Actually...wifi isnt hard to come by at all...wifi hot spots are EVERYWHERE.

Sevir2287d ago

Content just for the Vita version of the game! while i hate where the franchise has gone its actually smart of sony to have a killer App on the Vita!!! If Sony Mandates that COD Vita has cross game features with the PS3 version then this will potentially see Xbox Owners get the PS3 version and the Vita for that feature! plus some exclusive content! proper Marketing will really see this game do well

MaxXAttaxX2287d ago

Like 'hellztourguide420' said, WiFi isn't that rare. I have one in my house as well.


Quit trolling. No one suddenly loves COD. People are just saying that it'll be good for the Vita.

sikbeta2287d ago


"THATS what the vita needs"

True to some extent, more known franchises will do good to the platform, but it'll not become its "killer app" can be huge though, but that's IF it's a complete new game or just a down-port

Ducky2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )


In your house as in... your own internet?

I'm talking about finding wifi hotspots while on the go, that you can gain access too, has decent up/down speeds and that don't have their ports blocked.

From my own experience, those are pretty rare. I carry a laptop around with me and don't encounter a lot of those kind of wifi...
but that might be different based on where you live.

ThanatosDMC2287d ago

All i want is zombie co-op. Hopefully a lot more maps... though i doubt that and they'll ask for $15 map packs.

Biggest2287d ago

You should move to California, FatOldMan. You'll find WiFi hotspots everywhere. McDonald's to StarBucks. . . LA Fitness to 24HR Fitness. . . VONS to WinCo. . . It's everywhere.

jeseth2287d ago

If this is full fledged COD that would play with PS3 players and all the stats, etc. are all on the same profile . . .

This will be huge! Awesome for Vita and a huge step in how gaming is going to move forward. Console and Handheld being able to play together! Just awesome.

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Colwyn2288d ago

if sony bundles some ps3 cod 2012 with vita cod 2012 then the potential is there to move mass vita units as well as the game. i would buy it first day of release

the vita is a way better handeheld technology-wise than the 3ds and has the potential to eclipse the 3ds if the big console multiplatform games are released for it. i would buy most cross platform games for both ps3 and vita if they are made.

farhad2k82288d ago

When this game finally hits the VITA, the 3DS is DOOMED, DOOMED I tells ya!

shoddy2288d ago

Imagine cod online cross platform deal both vita and ps3 for one price.
I can try to prestige when i take a shit.

bozebo2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

3DS needs a Pokémon MMO or proper 3D RPG but I think Nintendo have passed the time when that might have worked for them... also creating 543287509174937634080612346234 Pokémon in 3D will be the most daunting game development challenge ever.

sikbeta2287d ago

Tell me you're just joking and this is just sarcasm...

dark-hollow2287d ago

Come on you are taking it too far.
Pokemon on the ds alone outsold cod on three platforms.

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omni_atlas2287d ago

I just bought grand theft auto III for my iphone. Controlling cars with the touch screen is impossible. When COD makes the transition I'll buy a Vita (and hopefully the price or other value packs will come out by then).

1nsaint2287d ago

It's not the touch screen controls that sucks, it's because your screen is to small. Im playing gta 3 on the ipad and all plays smooth

Wintersun6162287d ago

No, it's nowhere smooth if you've played the game on PC or a console. It's manageable, but not smooth. And yes I've played it on a tablet too.

caperjim2287d ago

If this means you can cross play COD multiplayer matches with PS3, then this will be great news. Otherwise im not that interested. Nothing less would be a 'game changer".

showtimefolks2287d ago

The way every COD has sold since MW1 i think soon activision will look to do a MMO and charge everyone 9.99 or 14.99 a month.

as long as this game sells why stop it, i have never bought a COD and never will because its not my cup of tea but i have nothing but respect for the IP something can not be crap yet sell that much.

But one thing that always intrigues me is when will the downfall occur? when will people say oh its just another COD and move on? but activision does a great job of promoting COD like the summer blockbuster happening in fall.

AC from UBI
COD from activision
BF or MOH from EA rotate every year

those 3 Ip's will be released on yearly bases till they sell, so don't hate if you are not into them just do what i do and buy the games you want. like instead of COD i will get my fav FPS borderlands 2 and instead of AC3 i will get max payne 3 so there is always something else to try

TENTONGUN2287d ago

i didnt think it was comin this year tbh. im not a big cod fan as of now but i used to love it. i will have to buy it for my vita cause itll prolly be the most polished shooter available this year. dont know about resistance or killzone yet. we'll see

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-Alpha2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

The real question is, will it be a standalone game, or a Black Ops 2 port? (or whatever Treyarch is releasing this year)

If it's a port, which I think it will be, then console players wont need to convert, which means it may not be the huge system seller some expect it to be.

But if it's a new title, then I can definitely see more hardcore COD fans jumping onto the Vita, especially if it's a truly unique, Vita-built experience.

However, I much foresee Activision making ports to both 3DS and Vita.

metsgaming2288d ago

yea but you cant take your ps3 or 360 anywhere, thats where the vita version will have appeal. Hopefully if it is a port they should do cross platform play with the ps3 but its activision so yea I really doubt that. It will be interesting to watch what happens with it, there is potential there but will activision take it?

-Alpha2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Yeah but realistically speaking, why would people buy a VITA to play a console port? Not like everybody goes out long enough to want to play a COD game on the go IMO, especially if it will be the same exact game with the same maps and all that. And we're all thinking of the COD market-- they wont want to buy many games for the VITA when most just play COD on their consoles and buy little else.

I have zero faith in Activision to take the VITA seriously enough to make a brand new game, especially when porting would be easier.

Echo3072288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

What if the Vita game was a stand-alone title but had the exact same multiplayer XP progression system as its console counterpart? Then you could play an entirely different game, on the go, while progressing not just your Vita rank, but your console rank as well.

Dante1122288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

@ Alpha

Come on, we're taking about the same people who buy CoD year after year with the same engine, same features, etc. The Vita's gonna make them go "Hmm, I want something different, new...something unique"? Most don't even play the single player anyway. I personally think it won't matter to them as long as CoD is on the cover. Especially if it has cross platforming.

Edit: Yeah, I think the cross platforming will be the main appeal with this CoD game.

yoshiroaka2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

I think the cross platform multiplayer for the COD would be a great idea.

Like if i go away fro the weekend or spend the night at someone's house. I may not carry my bulky ps3 with cables and controllers but if i got my vita i could get a few matches in with my friends.

Also by having an exclusive mutliplayer you are limiting the people you can play with to vita owners and furthermore to people who have vita and call of duty.

But having a cross platform multiplayer even if you are the only person with a vita and the game you still have to entire ps3 community to play against.

Maybe it can have an exclusive single player campaign but cross platform multiplayer.

Wintersun6162287d ago

It will be the exact same game with same maps that people have been buying for 5 years now anyway, so what difference does it make if it's a port or a "new" CoD? /jk

Even though CoD's not my cup of tea, I'm glad we'll be seeing a big name game with huge appeal on that system.

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MariaHelFutura2288d ago

Yeah, if its a stand alone title this is great news for the PSV. I personally could care less, but this will move a lot of PSVs. The more Vita sold, the more devs will take chances on new IPs that I will enjoy.

bwazy2288d ago

Trick question. Every COD is a port from the 360, so whats the difference if it was just a ported Black Ops 2.

But still like everyone else, I'd prefer a stand alone title... Unless the PS Vita could cross platform play with the PS3 users (if the controls can handle it, that is).

Abdou232288d ago

"I have zero faith in Activision to take the VITA seriously enough "
They don't even take current consoles seriously enough.all the lag and updates since MW3 launched and the game is still broken for many people.Those guys is all about money and they will only be depending on the series name for selling on Vita not the quality of the game.

GraveLord2288d ago

There's no reason it can't be a Black Ops 2 port and still have unique Vita features.

No one is expecting console gamers to "convert" over to the Vita COD. That's just silly.

"However, I much foresee Activision making ports to both 3DS and Vita."
3DS can't handle a full fledged COD game just like the PSP couldn't.

ronin4life2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

The psp was weaker and lacked any means of camera control.
The 3ds has a touch screen, gyro sensors, and an optional second stick which Activision/Nintendo could bundle with the game. (Edit~ the second stick attachment also grants the 3ds 2 extra shoulder buttons, making it even closer to a console.)

The 3ds can support a call of duty game.

Sevir2287d ago

But at this point I think sony is in a unique position, that exclusive COD content Deal expires this year between MS and Activision. 2 Cod was announced Last year for the platform I'm pretty sure Sony and Activision has something working that will place the Vita edition as an attractive buy! There will be some exclusive details announced at E3 or prior to in April when the Next COD is announced, whats more Sony wil likely ink a deal and mandate for Activision that Cross platform play and some Extremely cool vita features be apart of the deal! it may be a new COD game for the vita which is stand alone or a COD game by treyarch with Some Vita exclusive features and Cross platform features!!! I dont think Sony will drop the ball on having COD succeed on the platform!

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Snookies122288d ago

Wow, that's great. As much as I really don't care for Call of Duty, it's nice to see it coming to the Vita! That'll definitely sell some units haha.

Patriots_Pride2287d ago

Yeah! Lets throw roses at Bobby Kotic while he swims in his pool of money.

I am not a COD hater but I am a hater of developers/publishers that hold innovation back while games that deserve the attention go unnoticed.

Majin-vegeta2288d ago

The question is will they use a new engine or use the same one they used on the psp games??xD

Cosmit2287d ago

You should go see a therapist to address your obsession with CoD.

Mikhail2288d ago

If it has cross platform play and transfarring with the ps3, then I'll buy it asap. I need it when I go to work.

tarbis2288d ago

Yeah, screw work. I always play my psv in the office. XD