Lionhead Card Mentions "Other Game"

Kotaku: Not all of the holiday cards we receive here at Kotaku Tower come via our grumpy mailman. Some pop right up inside our email's mailbox. Take, for example, this touching card from Lionhead Studios, featuring Fable 2's boy and his dog.

Nice picture, but more interesting is the note included:


Hi Kotaku,

Season's Greetings from all at Lionhead Studios! We wish you all the very merry Christmas and the best wishes for 2008, which will be a very busy gaming year (with Fable 2 and our other game...)

Best wishes,
Lionhead Studios

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green3741d ago

Is it possible for them to have been secretly working on another IP in total silence?I seriously doubt it.But it could be possible with MICROSOFT new attitude of shrouding upcoming games in total secrecy.

Anyway the card is really cool

bababrooks3741d ago

could it be BC ? alot of work was completed for this game on the original xbox.

socomnick3741d ago

Who knows how many games microsoft has hidden . I know rare is a huge studio so they can probably make 3 games at the same time. Lionhead is pretty big also. We know bungie has been working on something also. All I have to say is they better bring on killer instinct 3.