First Images of Chucky: The Video Game

TikGames has released the first three Images of Chucky: The Video Game. Wanna Play?

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NYC_Gamer2464d ago

Why make a game based on that b-level horror movie?

core_52464d ago

this b-level movie is just cult ... a new film today would be epic ..

Ser2464d ago

What horror movies have you seen recently that are better than Child's Play? I'd really like to know because I haven't seen a good horror movie in a long time.

The old school classics like Child's Play are far better than the stuff that's been recently dripping out of Hollywood's slack maw.

NYC_Gamer2464d ago

Haven't seen any good horror movies in this day and age.

Pozzle2464d ago

I miss horror movies that had genuinely creepy killers and main characters that weren't irredeemable jackasses. :(

I hate the modern horror movie cliche of making all the characters so annoying and unlikable that you WANT to see them get killed. That's why most modern horrors will never be remembered as classics in a decade or so. It's just an [insert generic killer] killing a bunch of [insert annoying teenage stereotypes].

Older horrors are memorable not only because the killers are more memorable and interesting, but also because the characters themselves are likeable. You WANT to see them survive. You get scared for them when the killer is nearby.

PhantomTommy2464d ago

This will be a shit game.

ElliePage2464d ago

I thought this would be at least a little scary but his face looks too funny.

PR_FROM_OHIO2464d ago

Epic!!! Chucky scared me as a young kid!! My brother is older than me and he is still scared of Chucky LMAO! I will b buying this

specialguest2464d ago

In the world of horror movies, Chucky wasn't that scary. He doesn't even have superhuman B-movie strength. When you really think about it, all it would take to defeat Chucky is to somehow lock him in a doggy cage and leave him in there. (Note: I'm basing this off of the old Chucky movies)

Now the Leprechaun is a different story. I wouldn't f*ck with him. He has leprechaun magic and could mysteriously appear out of no where.

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