SFX-360 Gaming Website Managed By A Sex Offender

ThisisXbox: "Fellow gaming community, today we were emailed a report that confirms that an individual on the staff list of, is a registered sex offender in Florida for the following: Sexual Performance by a child (Possess Photo or Picture). The full email sent to today highlights how members of the gaming industry have been turned down for events, yet a registered sex offender of the above clause seems to have no problem. The content in the email was checked against a link to the offenders list on The Florida Department of Corrections (DC) – the named and pictured person was that of the staff member of"


From SFX-360:

Many of you have been made aware again of the transgressions that went down over 12 years ago, and I am here today to once again confirm this public knowledge as correct. I plead guilty to possession of one image of a minor, and have made continuous efforts to right my wrongs since.

All that I ask during these times and every time you deal with me is that I am judged on the man I am today and the pillar of good will that I strive to be after my world fell apart years ago. I have the support of my loving wife, family, and friends, whom continue to defend me years after the fact. I make no effort to hide my faults, and hope that those who continue to affiliate themselves with SFX-360 do so with the knowledge that we will continue to provide the same community content that we strive to provide each day. The faults are my own, and I hope that no one judges any of my staff members or sponsors as such.

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THC CELL2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

If true.. Burn them dirty bas***ds

darthv722466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

sometimes the conditions of the crime are lumped under the general rule of sex offender. I will give you an example of how the system fails.

My wifes coworker's son is now a registered sex offender. When he was 18 he dated a girl who was 17 and her parents did not care for him to much. The parents found out they had sex and pressed charges. So for the rest of his life he will have a permanent record of sex with a minor.

Yeah we know that is a really shameful thing but come on...she was 17 and he was 18 and for the most part it wouldnt have gotten to that extreme point but the parents didnt like him. Some of you out there probably were in a similar situation at one time.

To me, the system fails due to the nature of the situation. Basically, the punishment does not fit the crime. Obviously it would be different if he was 30 and she was 13 but that is NOT the case. Many people get lumped under the same umbrella as those who have done FAR more worse crimes against children.

This person at sfx is probably wanting to move on with their life. They are probably a gamer and as such should be just as able to game and run a gaming site as part of them trying to move forward.

If it was proven that they used their game site to lure children (like others do in online gaming) then obviously he shouldnt have a game site. We should not be the ones to judge as he was already judged and labeled by someone higher than us.

NoobJobz2466d ago

Yeah its stupid what can get you labeled as a sex offender. My uncle is a "sex offender" because one time he had to pee. He didnt see anyone around and so he peed outside. Turns out someone saw him and reported him. Now he is a registered sex offender.Sorry, shouldnt be in the same category as people who have kiddie porn or rape others. Doesnt seem right.

darthv722466d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

I was listening to the morning radio show and they talked about this guy who liked to walk around his own home in the nude. It may not be what others do but each their own.

He got reported by the neighbor across the street because her and her kids were outside and "SHE" (not the kids) saw into the front window as he passed by. She was offended and turned him in. He wasnt trying to show off for the kids or even her. He was just walking from one room to another in his own house.

Crazy society.

chriski3332465d ago

not cool fire this sick piece of shit

jessupj2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

How about instead of saying that knee jerk reaction like a rabid elitist feminist, you could take 2 seconds to find out what he actually did considering what an absolute joke the sex offender registry is and how you can get on the list for the most ridiculous things. And that's quite a well known fact.

People like you absolutely disgust me.

-Mika-2466d ago

Wow, are you that jealous because they got invited to media events so you decide to dig up dirt like this. That really sad and pathetic. This man was probably trying to get his life together again which is hard for a sex offender and you put him on blast like this. It really disgusting and i wish we knew who sent this email in. He/she is a really sad individual.

thisisxboxcom2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

I ran the story because the email was sent to so many sites and press and even gaming PR. I kept a lot of info hidden and posted in the best possible way for such a sick crime.

If I didn't post this, someone else was going to - and maybe they'd follow my lead in not actually posting all the info, and personal details.

I do believe in reform, but I also believe in public knowledge.

NYC_Gamer2466d ago

Nope,the sad individual is the one who committed the disgusting act in the first place.

Waddy1012466d ago

Disgusting act? You do realise he is on the sex offenders list for being seen naked as a child, not anything major like rape...

jessupj2465d ago

Another man hater that doesn't have a clue.

H2OAcidic2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

I agree with you Mika.

NYC_Gamer2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

It's sad how could any normal human being stoop so low

thisisxboxcom2465d ago

Ive updated my post with a response, and forwarded all the original details I was emailed to the owners of SFX-360...

I think someone they know is spouting a hate campaign. From the way the email was written, the grammar, spelling - might even give them some clues as to who. Could be a friend, one of their writers even.


Its a damn shame that people want to expose whats already public knowledge. An act that took place 12 years ago that he will unfortunately pay for the rest of his life. My husband is a good and hard working man and it took us 6 years as a team to get where we are. Obviously there is a group of people that are out to get us personally but its ok we know who you are and what you are about. We in the other hand will keep our heads up high and keep walking forward hand in hand with our amazing staff and do what we love to do the most! You (and you know who you are) can keep attacking our family maliciously all you want because in the end Justice and Good will always prevail. We wish you nothing but the best and thank you for helping us to be stronger!

Thank you for those who have supported us through out the rough time! Love and Respect to you all!

Julie Furman (Proud Founder of

jessupj2465d ago

Bubble + for you.

Well done for taking the high road and supporting your husband through all the baseless hate. Your husband is obviously very lucky to have you.

It's just a pity the ignorant uneducated masses filled with hate see someone on the sex registry and immediately conclude he's a rapist. I thought it was well known what a joke the sex registry is. I guess not.

I wish you luck in all your endevours and I hope who ever is behind this hate campaign gets the justice they deserve.

BaseAllstar2465d ago

In reply to jessupj, I agree it was a long time ago but you seem to be saying he's not really done anything that warrants him being on the register in the first place which is far more blinkered than any of those condemning him.

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