Gaming Magazine Graveyard - Ten Mags that Died Fast

Kevin Gifford writes, "They couldn't find readers. They couldn't find advertising. Or maybe they just couldn't find a clue. We count down game media's biggest print flops."

"Starting a magazine, it's occasionally said, is a lot like opening a restaurant -- you can nail everything absolutely on the mark and still fail colossally."

"Since Electronic Games first debuted in 1981, dozens and dozens of video-game magazines have been launched by publishers all around the United States and elsewhere. A few of them were wildly successful; they're the ones like Nintendo Power and Electronic Gaming Monthly, still truckin' along after nearly 20 years. Others didn't quite make it -- because advertisers didn't like them, or it was the wrong mag for the wrong time, or maybe they were just plain unlucky."

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PacoDG3592d ago

Actually neat little list, I honestly thought I would recognize one of the magazines listed, but they really must have been extremely low budget/production.