Everyone Relax, The PlayStation Vita Is Not Just Good, It’s Going to be Great

Joel Taveras writes, "That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. Now that we’re just starting to dip our toes into the PlayStation Vita, with 1st edition bundles reaching the masses this week, the first wave reviews are starting to pour out from all over the place. While some have been fairly positive (from actual, you know, gaming sites) it seems that the tech sites of the world have gone on some kind of anti-Vita crusade going on. I feel that I need to quickly chime in on this."

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FriedGoat1957d ago

*crys* I know it, I JUST KNOW IT!

Shang-Long1956d ago

(Sam jackson voice)" Tell that Bitch to Chill
the vita will be great"

PopRocks3591956d ago

I haven't met anyone who thinks it's bad. I just think it's too expensive. I already have a 3DS for gaming needs. I don't need to use $300+ dollars to get everything needed for a Vita. Once they slash the price, I'm good for it.

gtxgamer21956d ago

No one needs your negative opinion.

PopRocks3591956d ago

No, but I'm entitled to it as you are to yours. Sorry that this offends you.

SAE1956d ago

what if you have vita , you would say the same about 3DS :)

FriedGoat1956d ago

If you have a vita there's no need for a 3ds, I'm keeping my 3DS for now, but its pretty poor at the moment.

NukaCola1956d ago

I love how the PRICE is now an issue but the 3DS being $250 wasnt. Is it now that the 3DS dropped to being so cheap that everyone has to now go and attack Sony. The 3DS was never worth $250. The Vita technology is probably worth $500 or more. Hell the iOS devices are about next to nothing to make but Apple sells them from $100-$1000 and no one complains to buy a new one every year.

PopRocks3591956d ago

I don't make a whole lot of money. $300 for a handheld is simply not something I can afford right now. If I want a Vita, but can't get one for the price, then who are you to judge?

susanto12281956d ago

Who cares if it'll be great ....the PSP is great
the vita is not worth 249.99 no way in hell

Optical_Matrix1956d ago

Its the most powerful handheld device on the market right now, does as much as any smartphone minus make calls..I could go on. No doubt you do own a smartphone, and paid a ridiculous amount of money for it OR, you're on a contract where by you actually spend more than the phones retail price over the space of the 18 months you're tied to the contract.

Just sayin'

badz1491956d ago

in what world are you living in?

jc485731956d ago

to be honest, this baby has potential to compete against the other popular gadgets. Heck, I will buy this over iphone any day.

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