Tech-Gaming | Tekken 3D Prime Edition Review

For series enthusiasts who can overlook the 3DS’s control methods, Tekken 3D Prime Edition will make a welcome addition to their library. Not only does the game’s look stunning on the portable screen, but this version retains all of the responsiveness and character command sets of its console brethren.

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CharmingMan1988d ago

Maybe we need a fight stick not a Frankenstick.

RaptorMan1988d ago

Good review, but man those graphics.

madmad1988d ago

Review says it looks better on the small screen.

deserteaglexix1988d ago

thanks for posting, Charming.

Yodagamer1987d ago

Sound like a good fighting game, the 3ds is getting quite a few now days, but man something went wrong with taking those screenshots i have seen other reviews and they never looked that bad

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