When good games go bad - Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3 - James Morris, 20 Dec 2007:

For over a year, virtually any mention of Crysis would get a website attention. If you happened to have exclusive game footage previews, you could expect your servers to be hammered to high heaven. But now the game has been out for a month, it's not proving to be the smash hit that was expected. After all the hype, why has Crysis sold so badly?

Which brings us to the other surprising loser at the retail outlet - Unreal Tournament 3 - although its lack of success can be put down to rather different factors than Crysis.

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aiphanes3805d ago

I think even crysis would sell good on the Xbox 360 and PS3...I think they will probably make a version for the consoles...

JsonHenry3805d ago

The problem with Crysis sounds more like a CPU/RAM bottleneck more than a video card bottleneck.

And UT3 is just another rehash that PC gamers have been playing for YEARS. The reason that console owners are eating it up (aside from looking good) is that they have not already been worn out by the Unreal Tournament Series.

As always, Console owners get PC gamers seconds. Which is not a bad thing - if you haven't played these games before you SHOULD play them. Even if it is on a console.

Statix3805d ago

JsonHenry: Never mind the fact that, in addition to UT3 for PS3, Unreal Tournament 2 was on the PS2 and the Xbox 1 last generation. And Unreal Tourney 1 was for the Dreamcast.

I guess that's why we're snapping these games up, after all, we've never experienced something like Unreal Tournament on consoles before. *Rolls eyes*.

icechai3805d ago

Statix: Let's see, how many people owned Dreamcasts? exactly. Also how many people really played PS2 online compared to the total userbase of PS2? right.... now lets see, the majority of PS3 and Xbox360 users are online... which makes these games many wouldn't have picked up before seem like a brand new toy to a brand new console franchise.

mbmonk3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )


From what I have heard the GPU is the bottleneck. It takes 3 8800 cards in SLI to run Crysis at max settings. On the other hand if you have a quad core CPU then the 3rd and 4th core are used for 'framerate stabalization'. So from my limited knowledge it would seem the GPU is the bottleneck.

UT3 is boring. Downloaded the demo played it.. uninstalled it. I played this game X years ago it was Quake 3/ UT 2004. The demo did nothing to sell me on it. You can dress a turd up in a pretty dress... it's still a turd.

PS: Getting Crysis for Christmas.

go0se3804d ago

Wait wait.....what do you mean no one played ps2 online??? Have you ever heard of a game called Socom? As a long time ps gamer I know for a fact tons of people were on playing ps2 online with Socom in its prime. At the height of Socom 2 I remember seeing 60k plus on (and thats just one game). Please know your facts before posting garbage like this.

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skynidas3805d ago

I'll have UT3 in my ps3 on January 7th, cant wait to kill some mothafu*kas, add me if you want
PSN ID: skynidas

Drekken3805d ago

"But a console has never been the best thing to play deathmatch FPS games on - there just isn't the control or responsiveness. I can't see it competing with more story-led titles like Assassin's Creed."

Seriously? I play UT3 with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard and responsivness is a nonissue. This game is loads of intense fun and the guy who wrote this is a tool.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

When good games are not published by M$ they go bad - Crysis and Unreal Tournament 3

UT3 is great, UT always was above Halo.

Crysis is pure class even though I cannot run it full.

theox2g73805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Console gamers think they know so much about pcs and sales that they compare the sales to their console sales and measure success or failure by that, but pc games don't sell like console games that's a fact, console games use mostly hype to sell to their peek and then sales die with the hype, why do u think EA was expecting a measly 40,000 for first 2 weeks crysis sales and this was in NA alone and yet they got double that figure so they are touting crysis to be a success? because crysis isn't supposed to sell good now that most rigs can't play it well yet alone max it out just yet,
pc games sell with hardware not hype, even half life 2 on pc that sold 4 million copies to date sold like 100,000 in its first month which is only 20, 000 more than crysis, hl2 sold like hell when the average joe rig could max it out, games like crysis, hl2, doom3, oblivion couldn't be maxed out when they came out, so initial sales being weak didnt mean they would fail, expect crysis sales to accelerate dramatically later along the line, that can't happen with console games,

oh and they didn't even include EU sales in the 86,000 from the NPD data, cos it has been proven over time that pc games generally sell a whole lot in EU, check c&c 3 sales for pc, it bombed in US and sold about 6 times better in EU, and they didn't even friggin include online sales when that's the biggest thing now, with steam being a multi-billion dollar company, online sales can't be ignored either, online sales figures are getting too huge for pc to be ignored in these sales charts, considering the advantages it offers, so most pc gamers are migrating from shelves quicker than ever,

To measure the success of a pc game's sales, u have to measure from the time the average rig can max it out, so I can confidently say that cod4 is more of failure in sales because it could run on most average rigs pretty good even though it sold more than crysis, cos the capable rigs determines majority of the game's install base at any given time,

also about ut3, it wasn't good enough for pc gamers, just look at the low scores it's getting for pc, it wasn't innovative enough, pc gamers are spoiled with so many high profile addictive shooters especially multiplayer so i saw ut3 as mediocre game which would still be highly addictive and fun anyways, for a very solid mediocre pc game, 30k sales isn't too bad for the first month considering most pc gamers are waiting to upgrade before buying it,

who disagreed? give ur reasons,
on a side note, lots of ppl on this site who like to disagree with ppl who speak the truth, i mean go to the NPD sales chart topic and ppl got disagrees just for copying and pasting the information, jeez this site is infested with fanboys/tools

led10903805d ago

ok dude i've been reading this post of urs bout crysis selling 400000 on ea download store in many articles and as much as i want it to be true can u just give some sorta proof

Statix3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

That actually would be an absolutely terrible marketing on the part of EA, if true; wait for Crysis sales to pick up when everyone can eventually upgrade their PC parts to handle this game... when all the hype generated by its marketing and release has completely died down. Sounds like a really sound strategy (not).

I love how you contradict yourself in one sentence also: UT3 sold poorly because it is mediocre compared to all the "high profile addictive shooters" that are supposedly being showered onto the PC platform (yeah, right)-- but then you also go on to say that PC gamers are waiting to upgrade their rigs before sales for THAT game will pick up. So which one is it?

led10903805d ago

statix wat u dont realise i that pc games have never sold as fast as console games battlefield 2 sold 1 million copies in 2 months whereas 5-6 days is the do or die situation for most of the console games also look at cnc3 just 128000 copies in the us and more than a million worldwide even witcher just 40k in the us and more than a million worldwide that proves that us pc sales are far from an accurate representation of world sales for a game

theox2g73805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

u r so wrong, do i have to repeat myself a million times? pc games don't need hype to sell, first there's piracy which is huge and then also most pc gamers are very picky about games so they aren't blinded by hype as much especially when their rigs are not up to task, releasing games that can't be maxed on current hardware isn't a marketing strategy on ea/crytek's part, it's a pc gaming standard that's been set for years, it is called scaling your game engine forward and pushing the envelope, pc games rely on hardware to sell that's why u have programs such as Nvidia's "The way it's meant to be played" which is an agreement between hardware manufacturers and developers to work together on games and split hardware/software profits together,
Consoles games however feed on hype machines and sometimes hype overshadows quality when it comes to sales, i mean there are so many excellent console games that sold terrible or not as good because they lacked hype and sales slow down after the hype shift focuses on the newer games, i mean look at halo 3 sales within the first few weeks and look at its weekly sales now, the hottest games at any given moment always sell the fastest on consoles, that's a fact

Then look at past pc games like oblivion, battlefield, c&c3, half life series, quake series that sold slowly years along the line and picked up the pace when newer hardware came out, sales are alot less and are at a much slower pace than consoles and it all depends on how quickly new hardware is released and price cuts occur cos hardware affordability is key to pc game sales

And i didn't contradict myself with ut3 and ur post doesn't make sense, my post about ut3 sales being poor was in regard to comparing it to crysis sales - 80k vs 30k, cos the fact is more ppl have rigs out there capable of running ut3 than crysis so ut3 should sell better, but because it wasn't anything special, it was the other way around, overall most pc games sell even better as more gamers upgrade their rigs,
and believe it or not, pc has always had way better shooters of higher quality than consoles except for games like goldeneye, perfect dark and halo, it wasn't till recently that that this trend is changing and consoles are now getting pc exclusive franchises like half life, unreal tournament and battlefield, do some research buddy, pc is the home of fps and rts and it has tons of quality AAA titles in that field, it just sucks that there are now so many recycled shooters that are multiplatform on pc and consoles, even then pc-exclusive shooters like stalker are still awesome, pc gaming also has variety of genres with rpgs and miscellaneous genres just that those games aren't as high profile or hyped, like i said they don't need hype to sell so most of them are under the radar

led10903805d ago

dude u still havent given me any links...i asked some ppl on incrysis...they said u were lying....

theox2g73805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

dude, even if it's a lie, it doesn't change the fact that online sales is growing too big to be ignored in sales data charts, but even then that's why i took it out of my post minutes after ur reply cos it was false and irrelevant like one of those rumors on the forums and even then it included total ea store with all other games so i clearly added "crysis and other games" if u recall correctly from all my other posts,

most of u didnt read thru my whole post properly and mistook the 400,000 for crysis alone and not all other ea games including ea sports, maybe i should have made that a little clearer, link is dead, statistic is debunked but most statistic numbers lie anyway to start with,
it's debunked, fine, but it doesn't change the whole point i'm making,
i checked the link but it said invalid topic, but it was on gamespot forums i recall,

if u were the one who disagreed with my second post, read through it a second time, there's nothing there about online sales or any of that garbage, everything in there can be easily substantiated with links but there is no need, wikipedia is ur friend, read about the pc games sales patterns over time, i've had enough of trying to explain this stuff

everybody makes mistakes sometimes, i guess that's all i can say, but i least i admit it, maybe my posts are too long and hard to read that most ppl misunderstand sometimes, things like this happen all the time

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