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Submitted by GamingNexus 1381d ago | review

Gaming Nexus Review: PS3 Batarang Controller

From the review: "Any gamer can tell you, extra controllers are like batteries: you can never have enough of them. Just like batteries though, there are both good and bad brands out there and every once in a while you can find a true “diamond in the rough” in terms of the “off brands” (read: third parties). Power A, who is anything but an known third party, certainly has a bit of a diamond on their hands with their Batarang Wireless controller for the PlayStation 3." (Power A, PS3) A-/A+

Snookies12  +   1381d ago
Ugh, I don't care if the controller is good or not, THAT is not a PS3 controller. It may work on a PS3, but it's clearly an Xbox model controller. I have issues with things like this, same goes for the other way around if an Xbox had a PS3 style controller... -_-
Emilio_Estevez  +   1381d ago
Looks cheap and the joystick is in the wrong place. Avoid.

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