IGN:Alan Wake's American Nightmare Review

IGN:There were plenty of unanswered questions when Remedy announced a follow-up to their widely loved Xbox 360 game, Alan Wake. The change in setting to the American Southwest from the densely wooded Northwest, the stronger focus on action, and the fact that the game would be an XBLA game instead of a retail release raised a few eyebrows amongst fans.

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NYC_Gamer1836d ago

well, at least it's cheap and not full retail.

MariaHelFutura1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

That's because it's episodic and a 8.0 is a good score. I just fear (like other episodic approaches) it doesn't deteriorate into nothing. It's sad. Alan Wake is one of the best titles on the 360, IMO. Hope for the best...

Rampaged Death1836d ago

Do you know something we don't ? Remedy haven't said it's episodic at all.

MariaHelFutura1836d ago

That's strange. I swear I heard they were making this episodic.

guitarded771836d ago

Can't wait to download this one!

FaSCoRP1836d ago

damn, I still have to finish the 2 DLC from the previous one ! :)

PetitPiPi1836d ago

Shouldn`t take you very long. Awesome game.

wiggles1836d ago

Did anyone else have problems with the dodge button in the original or did I just suck?

I was hoping the reviewer would have mentioned Remedy fixing that problem.

I am upset they put the review out so early because now I REALLY want to play it!

Rampaged Death1836d ago

I never had a problem with dodging.

wiggles1836d ago

I guess I just sucked then lol

BabyTownFrolics1836d ago

i will pick it up when it goes on sale

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