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Gamersyde's BlimBlim writes:

"I admit it, I'm weak. I had promised not to do another Lost Odyssey video, and yet when I saw these 2 fights I simply had to share them with you guys. The first one in particular is so cute and charming it's almost scary, and the ones who played Blue Dragon will certain recognize these guys. Except for the actual level the video doesn't spoil anything much, so feel free to watch :)"

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ThaGeNeCySt3774d ago

the more videos of this game I watch, the more I want it... God I wish Sagakuchi would have gotten rid of the old style combat system

Dlacy13g3774d ago

This along with pretty much EVERY JRPG I have seen always leave me with the same feeling.... skip it. Don't get me wrong the game looks beautiful and the story seems to be well done. Just something about these style of games. I aways see them and think WOW I gotta try that...and then I see the actual combat and exploration screens...and I just get bored. I am not opposed to turn based combat...but I hate the One player on screen represents 5 guys deal...and SOOOO many of the JRPG's do that. I mean does he magically have all his guys in his pocket? LOL.... oh well. I may give this a rent, but overall I was a little disappointed to see how combat and exploration look to be now.

lonestarmt3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Jrpg hater! First off there is nothing wrong with that. Some people love that including myself. Its just a game, let it go. Like in FPS shooters you can get hit, hide behind cover then heal back to max. How stupid is he like wolverine or something. Besides if you hate that style, play final fantasy 12 or persona 3( IMO the best rpg of 2007 hands down). No random battles and the characters move around on screen, so no this you only see one character on screen buisness. There are a lot of Jrpgs that you don't have random battles, just have to look for them.

ThaGeNeCySt3774d ago


I don't care about the random battles... I just wish the fighting sequences would be more action oriented like say.. Eternal Sonata.

ygxbrayzie3774d ago

Wow i love it I want it!!
but I'm wondering do they have summon?

abcd3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )


But watch this video:

AWESOME. I love this spell.

SaturnTo3774d ago

Setting up the turn based actions for each character seems to be to time consuming! I wonder if it will deter me from giving this game a try when it comes out.

Tone3774d ago

Looks good... but the little girl animation of her sticking her tongue out is doing my head in already... they all should of had random animations during the battle sequences!

ygxbrayzie3774d ago

abcd OH WOW good find man

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