'The Last Story' sequels uncertain, says Hironobu Sakaguchi

he Last Story's future as a franchise is uncertain, says creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Speaking at a BAFTA presentation for the title, he was asked whether he will explore the universe with further instalments.

"It's a good idea but I don't really know whether I will be doing it," he replied.

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Instigator2289d ago

As long as Mistwalker continue to develop great RPGs, I don't mind if it's not a sequel. The japanese sales for the game were hardly groundbreaking, so there may not be much incentive on the publisher's part to continue the series.

NYC_Gamer2289d ago

the games would have sold better if they were multi

Knight_Cid2289d ago

sold better, cost more, and made less profit.

So in other words not good

Blaine2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )


Profit? What madness are you speaking of? Don't you know that going multiplat automatically = more sales, automatically = better game? Business, development costs... You're on N4G here!

Moncole2289d ago

Seeing how Nintendo is the publisher I don't see how that's possible

Knight_Cid2289d ago

well there next game is an ios surf sim shitty thing

Aria2287d ago

JRPG sales nowadays are hardly groundbreaking unless it's a well known series like Final Fantasy. I hope Sakaguchi rejects the idea of a sequel though. I'm not a fan of direct sequels or prequels, especially when creators try to force a story based solely on fan demand because the first one already ended nicely. I could see him turning TLS into a series, though, like what he did with the FF franchise. He would continue to build on what he started in TLS, mainly battle system, and work on each game with new characters, stories, setting, and the such. I'm perfectly fine with it too, on the other hand, if he moves on to completely new projects for any of the main consoles.

Instigator2287d ago

Yeah, but then again it is a new RPG from the renowned creator of FF on the biggest selling console this generation. It's a little sad that it didn't even break 200K in Japan. But I see your point, and I doubt Sakaguchi expected to have a million seller on his hands, which is probably why he developed for the budget friendly console.

The battle system is definitely the one thing I hope makes it's way to subsequent games.

Wolfbiker2289d ago

I want another epic rpg ib glirious hd! I want cry-on

FinaLXiii2289d ago

Mr. Sakaguchi please release it on HD consoles.