Capcom teasing even more character reveals for Street Fighter X Tekken

Despite revealing the “final four” characters for Street Fighter X Tekken, Capcom is teasing even more character reveals and has given a specific time frame of when to expect it.

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KrimsonKody2069d ago

I'm still excited about the old school Mega Man being included. It's still kind of funny. I hope he has a decent move list.

The more characters, the more better.
& hopefully MOST of them won't be paid DLC.

killcycle2069d ago

you should see how much hate they got on the forums about that version of Megaman

Patriots_Pride2069d ago

WTH? I did not know that old school Mega Man looked liked that - I always thought the old Mega Man looked like the attached.

That Mega Man on this image looks more like Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock wearing an X Man custom.

RockmanII72069d ago

Ok here's the joke. When Capcom released Megaman in the United States back in 1987, the box art they used for it was a terrible drawing that looks nothing like the actual game. Since then the box art has become notorious for how bad it was, so as a joke and a attempt to enrage the more loyal Megaman fans Capcom put in the Bad Box art Megaman.

MakiManPR2069d ago

That's probably Dan which will be the real boss

GraveLord2068d ago

You lose an argument and you block me. Talk about a sore loser. Here's the message I tried to send you via PM before you admitted defeat.

If anyone is closed minded it's you.
"Japanese actors have emotion with their voice acting, Americans don't"

There reason I don't respect your opinion is because you state it like its a fact when its purely your opinion.

" but you one of them people who hate people watching shit in another language for some unknown reason."

No, why would I hate people for that? lmfao......

MasterCornholio2069d ago

It will probably be DLC for both platforms because honestly, I don't see capcom giving the PS3 version more exclusive characters.


lizard812882069d ago

From what I read a while ago, someone paid capcom to make, Megaman, Pac-Man, Cole and the 2 cats exclusive to sony. Of course I can see why with the cats and Cole, but a bit odd for Megaman & Pac-Man.

Then again, maybe they could get around it. Make 8-Bit Mega-Man and Ms.Pac-Man for the 360 and PC, ect.

jc485732069d ago

"We're late for the party."


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The story is too old to be commented.