Anime Games To Look Forward To In 2012

Timothy and eGamer have made a small list of anime inspired or based games to look forward to in 2012...

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gr33nFIEND2288d ago

Damn, I forgot about Skullgirls and that Persona fighting game.

Knight_Cid2288d ago

no digimon, no eureka seven, no one piece gigant battle 2, no POKEMON, no .hack

make that a sorry list

gr33nFIEND2288d ago

The list is of games non-anime fans would enjoy as well, .hack, digimon and the rest you listed are all games only the fans of those series will enjoy. All those games are sequels to average games, which is why they weren't included

deep_fried_bum_cake2288d ago

Yeah those games will probably suck besides pokemon although I haven't played a pokemon since the 3rd gen so I can't judge. I can certainly say that Gigant Battle 2 looks crap though.

I'm excited for all of the games on your list but thanks to some stupid decision making about the localisation I in the UK won't get Ni no kuni until 2013 whilst americans get it in 2012.

gr33nFIEND2288d ago

Jeez, that sux dude, I feel your pain. Though there is plenty coming out this year to hold you over until 2013

Kstaa182288d ago

I think its safe to say its a great year to be a playstation fanboy.