It's Christmas In Gran Turismo

Looks like Polyphony are rewarding the early adopters with a festive treat as from tomorrow: the halls will indeed be decked with holly (and the distinctive smell of petrol) as the environments get a Christmas overhaul just in time for the online portion arriving on the 25th.

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LJWooly3833d ago

GT5 is gonna OWN when it comes. All other racing games will become obselete.

Chris_GTR13833d ago

oh... so this is why they delayed it for NA... because they made this christmas stuff..

Maddens Raiders3833d ago

How *good is this game? GT owns all and that's not fanboyism; it's the truth.

LJWooly3833d ago

No other racing sim nowadays would be able to get away with the lack of a damage model, GT just makes up for it in EVERY other department.

Holy crap, I can't wait for that game!!

Adamalicious3832d ago

Polyphony has said they don't want to do damage if they can't model it accurately for every car. Other games either have good damage modeling and a few cars (Motorstorm) or weak damage modeling and a lot of cars (Forza). But nobody has hundreds of cars AND good damage modeling. Maybe GT7 on the PS4 :)

akaFullMetal3833d ago

love how sony, adds these seasonal things to games, gotta love that

Darkiewonder3833d ago

they are embracing the power of online.

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