IGN's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Interview and Two Screens

Ubisoft is preparing to unleash the sequel of Rainbox Six Vegas to the masses in Spring 2008. The game brings several new features and modes to the mix so in order to keep all of their sub-machine gun totting ducks in a row IGN sat down with Jean-Pascal Cambiotti, the Lead Game Designer for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 to get the skinny.

IGN: Any hints to the storyline? Recap where we left off and where the story is heading this time around.

Jean-Pascal Cambiotti: Although this game is a sequel, it is much more than just that. RSV2 sheds light on what happened before Las Vegas was under attack. So you will lead your team in a very unique and new location outside the US before ever going to Vegas. In addition, the player then arrives in Las Vegas and plays through different mission in Vegas while Logan is in Mexico in the first game. Finally, you will be able to conclude the story in an exotic location that should prove to be thrilling and satisfying.

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