Crysis Chicken Launcher (hilarious video)

By now, most of you shooter fans have probably finished Crysis and you already know how destructive the rocket launcher is. Well, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

One Crysis fan who goes by the nick-name of "Phresh" modded the rocket launcher so that the weapon shoots... chickens. But those are no ordinary chickens: they're packed high explosive charges and...lots of feathers. According to Phresh, "frog attachments" and possibly "shark nukes" are already in the works.

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pwnsause3687d ago

LMAO hahahahahaha
Reminds me of Hot Shots: Part Deux!!!11

EZCheez3687d ago

In SWAT. I don't know who started the chicken guns but it's cool to see they're still going strong!

The one I used in SWAT actually had you holding the chicken though, while it would shoot eggs. It was a mod for the shotgun.

unitedchaos3687d ago

Glad to see people are taking time to make this world a better place...

dilibau3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

There you go, for all others:

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