Best SoulCalibur V Created Characters

UGO: Soul Calibur V is the best installment the fighting series has had in years. One reason is the incredible create-a-character mode, which lets you make up just about any warrior your heart desires. Need inspiration? Check out these 20 creations.

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Relientk771984d ago

Ok I love the Shredder from TMNT

riksweeney1983d ago

They're all pretty good, but yeah, Shredder's the best one.

waltyftm1983d ago

Definitely my favorite, he looks great, lol at the Megaman one.

acemonkey1982d ago

1 of the underrated villain of all time..solid snake and Captain america looked great also...spiderman looked like shit tho

HammadTheBeast1983d ago

Some of these are REALLY AWESOME! Just goes to show how awesome a character roster can get. Imagine playing online as Ken and Ryu!

gypsygib1983d ago

Soul Caliber just got a lot more awesome in my mind.

Some of those are really very good.

strifeblade1983d ago

yeah! the character creation is awesome, they should show some ninja turtles, i saw an amazing Gambit, I made an awesome Kratos and there are some amazing dantes from devil may cry. in my oppinion i have seen much better shredders lol.

SnowBlu1983d ago

you guys have got to stop making any article with boobs a hot one

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