Sony Gift: Free PS3 With Every Full-HD Bravia

Sony is spruiking PlayStation 3 consoles with every Bravia full-HD 1080 LCD TV model bought between 21 December and 28 January, as part of a marketing campaign to encourage users to make the switch to HD.


This news article relates only to Australia. Though there are similar offers in other different regions.

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Lucreto3776d ago

I also saw an offer to get a free blu-ray player instead of a PS3.

Just to mention has a 3 for 2 Blu-ray offer at the moment.

PirateThom3776d ago

I think that's just a general Blu-ray offer. HMV and Virgin/Zavvi stores also have 3 for 2 offers.

Prismo_Fillusion3776d ago

Well I for one would rather own a Blu-ray player than a PS3.

...wait a second.

Joe3776d ago

This is for Australia only? WTF???

ravinash3776d ago

They never send these offers out when I want to buy them.
I have both the TV and the PS3, but I had to get them separately.
Oh well, their well worth the money so this is a great deal.


Damm is like givin away calendars but instead they are throwing in PS3s, Shame on you Sony.


Tv broadcasting goes from analog to digital towards the end of february 08, i think.

I was looking to buy a new tv thats 120mhz,1o8op, 24p, hdmi1.3 capable in spring 08 for the hd content from vzfios and my ps3. This is a great deal,and if it was stateside I would buy a new set now.


Prismo_Fillusion3776d ago

That comment up there that's mine.


That was just a sarcastic joke.
Can't believe I lost a bubble for making it.

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Enzo3776d ago

Great news indeed for Sony fans, this is definitely a smart move by Sony!

XLiveGamer3776d ago

Great news indeed for Sony fans? Huh... maybe. A smart move by Sony? NO DOUBT they are not sellin well and they are losing. Its a desperate move by sony and they are trying to get in the souls and minds of those Non Video Gamers. Im going to buy me a PS3 in 2 years.

TANOD3776d ago

PS3s are selling all over the world. The only place where x360 sells is NA but that will change next year too.

Millions would buy PS3 in 2008. You wont buy one cuz u are an XTARD

with a broken x360 that has no games

HS,UNCHARTED,R&C,UT3,MOTO RSTORM, RESISTANCE,NGS ----even 2007 PS3 lineup murders anything on any other console

can u even imagine what 2008 will look like when heavy hitters like FF13,MGS4,GT5,WKS,KZ2 hits the scene?

PS3 rules 60% of the world territories. NA /JAPAN and UK to go

ravinash3776d ago

Oh god, here we go again...
NA is the only place thats hasn't cought on to the PS3 yet. Mostly because they see Xbox as an American product.
Everywhere else they are already getting the PS3 sales up and a lot of areas have passed 360 sales. this is simply getting the ball rolling, because the more that are out there, the more people will see them and the more people will want them.


Its not a smart move is a desperate move, when you have a product that doesn't sell, you obiously want to get it out somehow and that is the only way people would get, FREE!!

davez823776d ago

you guys have it backwards, its a desperate move to sell tv's, not ps3's other wise you would get a free tv with a ps3 purchase. Don't let fanboyism cloud your judgement.

actas1233776d ago

So, according to your analogy, all marketing campaigns in the modern world are desperate... Also, if you were a president of a University u would probably cancel all marketing classes because they are simply desperate and encourage desperate moves... I just wanted to clarify things out for all out there, any marketing campaign is not desperate its smart, this is marketing 101 people, wake up... and to xbox fan boys, if you keep calling all the sony marketing moves desperate, you gonna wake up next year with your 360 not even in the picture of gaming.
This marketing moves that you call desperate, moved Sonys Bravia from no #5 best selling TV in the US to #2 and almost beating no 1 (samsung and vizio)...

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nanometric3776d ago

O c'mon, bring something like that over here! pretty plz with a cherry on top?

Bazookajoe_833776d ago

I own both the bravia and ps3, if this would have been earlier i could have gone with 46 inch instead of 40...

Prismo_Fillusion3776d ago (Edited 3776d ago )

The website with the offer that the article links to is Sony Australia. Possibility this offer is only in Australia?


pschampion3776d ago

This news article relates only to australia though there are similar offers in different regions
for example last month the same offer was being made in france

hardcorehippiez3776d ago

im near certain the sony centres in u.k. are doing this deal.

ANZAC_Legend3776d ago

Only 6 months ago i bought both at the same time and i have no regrets until now!!!! OH well at least i got the 60gb model. i wont share this news with the wife though.....