Videogamer's Top 10: First-person-shooters

Welcome to VideoGamer's Top 10, where they bring you the essential genre by genre video game buyer's guide for Christmas and New Year. Here, they look at the Top 10 First Person Shooter Games. And don't forget, if you need more info on any of the titles, just click on them for a full review.

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Kleptic3593d ago

haha...what a very sad website...

apparently this is of all time? mentions CoD 2, Fear, and I would assume (although CoD 2 is the only game that didn't have a version come out this year on that list)...

but seriously? Quake III? UT? original HL?...not only that but to top it off with Halo 3 as number 1?...what planet are these guys from?

and also...they say Vegas has the best sound ever?...have they even played it?...the gun sounds in that game are absolute dump...and the background "music" or whatever is largely washed out...especially online...CoD 4 beats Vegas in the sound department on every single level...what a terrible list...

Timesplitter143593d ago

Yeah that has to be the noobest list ever.
MoH Airborne, no Half-Life 1, no Quake, no UT, and Halo 3 in 1st place... what a big noob

CRIMS0N_W0LF3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

is this of 2007 or not?

It mentions cod2 and fear so its not of 2007. Its missing all main fps its real bullcrap list.

According to this list

Halo 3 > Original UT, GoldenEye, Quake 3, Original Doom, Duke Nukem 3D etc.

Kleptic3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

yeah and Vegas also...

FEAR and Vegas both had a PS3 version come out in I was thinking that is what they were using to create a best of 2007 list...but CoD 2 most definitely is a 2005 only...shattering that hope...

if it was 2007..ok I guess...halo 3 was not better than bioshock or Cod 4 though imo...but overall 7 out of those 10 games shouldn't have made that list...

I am not much for lists anyway...but personally, my top 10 fps games should be:

#10: Doom/II/final (all pretty much the same except for maps)
#9: Quake (first 3d shooter...and has created a view that hasn't been changed in over 10 years...and basically pioneered what a deathmatch could do that in Doom 2, but nobody did)
#8: UT3 (actually UT 2004, takes Quake III and throws in vehicles, effectively crushing it...but UT3 is basically an updated 2004, doesn't miss any of the old stuff, just doesn't bring enough new stuff for some people)
#7: Return to Castle Wolfenstein (still my favorite online PC shooter)
#6: Goldeneye (the first great console fps)
#5: Halo 2 (the first great online console fps)
#4: Bioshock (best single player fps since FEAR, and better on pretty much every level)
#3: Half Life (no need to explain)
#2: The Orange Box (mostly just Half Life 2...but with the extra stuff included for the same definitely doesn't hurt it)
#1: CoD 4 (...amazing how its equally great on 3 different platforms...its not the most innovative...but takes everything back to simple fps action...I like vehicles as much as the next guy, but there is something awesome about a slightly slower paced fps, but that isn't overly realistic...add to that hardcore and old school game modes that can completely turn the action around...old school creates a faster twitch type game...and hardcore puts on a realism scale with R6 type games...its an old style of fps, perfectly executed...wierd though how its my favorite FPS of all time pretty much right now, and I still have more fun playing Warhawk)

close to the list would be...FEAR, Resistance (only because of weapons and 40 player online on a console...hasn't been close to touched yet), Quake 2-3, Turok 2 (still some of the best weapons ever)...and a few others I may be forgetting...Gears, even though its technically not a still had a new style of gameplay with arguably the coolest art direction of a released game so far this year...the third person view behaved like a first person shooter though, you simply saw your its worth mentioning...

Timesplitter143593d ago

10 : Crysis
9 : Goldeneye
8 : Quake 3
7 : Bioshock
6 : Doom
5 : Half-Life 2 (Orange Box)
4 : UT3
3 : Quake 1
2 : Half-Life 1
1 : Duke Nukem

I think CoD4 is starting to be just as overrated as Halo.

SL1M DADDY3593d ago

What a joke. Halo over some of the best FPS's in the world and yet they left off UT and Quake. What a bunch of noobs.

LJWooly3593d ago

How the hell can Halo 3 be anywhere on the top 10 of anything? Unless we're talking about the top 10 overrated games of all time...

And as for the rest on that list... i'm not even going to bother.

sleepbox3593d ago

Lamest list I've ever seen.

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