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In 2007 when the original The Darkness hit gamers shelves, many were taken by surprise other than the core fanbase of comic fans. Now five years later the game takes on a new developer, Digital Extremes, as the games previous parents, Starbreeze, are busy with their own upcoming title. Does the new developer keep faithful to fans of both comic and game or does the sequel deserving of the dark corner of the store? (Warning Review May Contain Spoilers For The Darkness & Those Whom Have Not Read Any Of The Comics)

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ShadyDevil2313d ago

This game is simply awesome and the co-op is an amazing addition that compliments the story perfectly.

Rob9462313d ago

Very excited to play this game, the first one was one of my favourite games in a long time.

-EvoAnubis-2313d ago

I still need to play the demo.

ShadyDevil2313d ago

Demo is weird as it gives bits and pieces of the story (literally it skips) but the jist of the level is from the first level.

Rampaged Death2313d ago

Best story driven FPS since BioShock. The combat makes you feel so good.