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Carnival Island is the latest Playstation Move title directed at family fun. It’s made with family in mind as well as earning a ‘Family Friendly Favorite’ seal of approval from The title sets to bring the Carnival into your living room for everyone to enjoy. But does it set out and successfully accomplish its goals, or does it fall short and become another group of mini-games that are sub-par at best?

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Starfox8112468d ago

Seems interesting, but I've been put off PS Move titles that are more mini game explosions. This has slightly re-kindled my interest though.

ShadyDevil2468d ago

I very much liked this title. So many cool little games, without being redundant it was like being AT a Carnival. Except without the weird carnies.

Rob9462468d ago

I need a move title, maybe i'l give this a go.

mixelon2468d ago

I like it a lot too (as does my 3y/o daughter!) Some of the games are challenging but they only take a moment each so it's a good quick fix game.