Far Cry 3 Single-Player Preview By Canadian Online Gamers

Recently, Canadian Online Gamers was invited to Ubisoft Montreal Studios to check out a single player hands off demo of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3, which is slated to arrive September 4th of this year. Having played the previous Far Cry games on the original Xbox and Xbox 360, I was looking forward to checking out how far along the game had come since the E3 demo touched down last year. At the time, the demo introduced us to the game’s main protagonist, Jason Brody, and the game’s twisted, insane, reckless and all around troubled villain, “Voss”. The E3 demo took place on a tropical island and featured some segments that seemed to be a drastic departure from the previous Far Cry games. For those of you who did not get a chance to check out the E3 demo from the Ubisoft press conference in 2011, here it is:

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FC2 had right idea,wrong execution imo, hoping FC3 is better.
Only Canadian gamers can right these wrongs.