Meristation- Uncharted Golden Abyss Review

Meristation- The mere fact of having a Uncharted so convincing in the palm of the hand is already one of the main attractions of this game. Bend, supervised by Naughty Dog has made a compelling journey that will satisfy the aficioandos of the series and anyone who enjoys action games. Obviously not the same as the latest iteration of PS3, but that virtue is natural and graphics in Golden Abyss Vita did not go unnoticed.

The major drawback is the use and abuse of alternative control elements, which cuts the flow of play, especially at first, making the onset is slow and cumbersome than it should. But beyond this ruling, it is an excellent deal to release the new console, perfectly illustrating its strength to offer content that no other handheld can offer right now by the sheer technical power and control system.

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