1up: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Review: Another Excuse to Revisit a Great Action Game

Jose Otero: I didn't realized it until recently, but we've played an awful lot of Ninja Gaiden in the last eight years. In 2004, the Xbox debut delivered a fast and fluid action game that showcased lighting quick gameplay and surprising amounts of combat depth. Then, a reworked compilation that repackaged the original into Ninja Gaiden: Black quickly followed in 2005 -- adding bigger monsters, new weapons and modes, and improved camera controls. And in 2007, an HD port called Ninja Gaiden Sigma graced the PS3, adding high-resolution graphics and other extras to the dizzying ballet of deadly bladed weapons on display. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus is the fourth release of developer Team Ninja's landmark title -- only now in a portable form -- and adds small improvements next to some funky touch functions.

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