Press Release: Wii Opera SDK Now Open to the Public

The popular Wii Opera SDK has been opened to the general public by popular demand, allowing anyone with knowledge in HTML and JavaScript to take on the task of creating homebrew games and software for the Wii's Internet Channel. Previous to this release, the Wii Opera SDK was only available by request.

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ChickeyCantor3929d ago

lets homebrewers take their best shot!! there is always something promising with people making homebrew software =D

ItsDubC3929d ago

Well, homebrew games for the Internet Channel are most likely going to be Flash-based and you don't need the Wii Opera SDK to make games in Flash that can be played in the Internet Channel. I think the SDK being publicly available has more uses for non-gaming Internet Channel apps.

ChickeyCantor3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

actually java is being processed too, so its not only flash.
but its true...flash is the easy way out...and with the right mind fun games can be developed.

and soon ill try making one my self =D

ItsDubC3929d ago

Hmm... maybe I should make a Java game sometime...

Kyrue3929d ago

They should have focused on updating the browser's flash capabilities instead of useless games to play...

ChickeyCantor3929d ago do realize thats Adobes part? they never released a SDK for flash 8 and 9 after that.