Destructoid Preview: Ripping sh*t up in the first hour of Prototype 2

Prototype 2's hero, James Heller, is pissed. From the game's very beginning cutscene he's already pissed. Who could blame him? He's at work but really hates his job, is dealing with a serious case of post-traumatic stress disorder and is stuck in a disease-ridden New York City (now called New York Zero.) Oh, and his whole family died as a result of the disease outbreak. But wait, it gets worse!

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DA_SHREDDER2469d ago (Edited 2469d ago )

Prototype 1 was dope. I'm really looking forward to the new one. Especially since there is a new protagonist and even though I thought Mercer was the biz.

ElliePage2469d ago

The new character for Prototype 2 sucks so that's why I'm skipping this game. The first one was ok but I really don't care what happens to this new character.

dark-hollow2469d ago

In games like prototype, I don't really care for the character nor the story.

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