DUST 514 Fanfest Tournament Confirmed

Hello there DUST 514 fans,
We know that many of you are hungry for more details and wanting to get more sneak peeks at what’s under the hood. We are busily working on many features (some of which were suggested by the player and fan base) that will go a long ways towards making the game great, and we will be more forthcoming on details in the coming weeks.

We are also making preparations for Fanfest in March this year and will be demonstrating DUST 514 as well as hosting a DUST 514 tournament during Fanfest. And, more importantly, that is also when we will be revealing more information regarding the MPT beta keys, so keep an eye out for what will be happening during this year’s Fanfest.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your comments on the forum. Your comments both encouraging and critical have been instrumental during the development process for DUST 514 and we will continue to listen earnestly to your feedback. Thank you.
And the DUST 514 Team

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