Ninja Gaiden 3 Pre-orders Higher Than Normal

Team Ninja updated its Twitter today with a few bits about Ninja Gaiden 3.

First, the game's boxart, which was posted to e-commerce sites earlier in the week. Team Ninja also writes at Twitter that, compared to past entries in the series, pre-orders for Ninja Gaiden 3 are strong.

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Frankfurt2289d ago

I laugh at anyone being introduced to the 3D series with this chapter.

-Mika-2288d ago

I preordered this for 1 reason only and it DOA5

Berserk2288d ago

I don't usually pre-order games. But still getting this game day1!

Andreas-Sword2288d ago

I hope Ninja Gaiden 3 will be a good Ninja game.
Because, Ninja Gaiden is the only good Ninja game franchise.

masa20092288d ago

As soon as I knew that the game shipped with a grand total of 3 multiplayer maps, I knew that wealth of content was worth pre-ordering.

Smashbro292288d ago

I kinda want them to continue the NES series with more 2-D games. More purple ninja action and less women who probably have major back problems.

Megaman_nerd2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Even though the 3D Ninja Gaiden is Itagaki's new vision for the series the NES games were equally cheesy and over the top, is just that the hardware didn't allow you to see it clearly.

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