In an alternate reality, video games changed world history

Great games immerse players into fantastical worlds and settings on adventures so extravagant you actually wish they were real. But what if video-game characters crossed over to our reality instead?

Bitmob Staff Writer Samir Torres located a magic warp-zone behind a toilet...the same inter-dimensional gate that led him to really good Sonic the Hedgehog games. This time he saw a bizarro reality where historic events did not take place quite as you remember them. Dare to take a look?

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THR1LLHOUSE2466d ago

The world would be a much better place if this stuff were real.

Well, Lincoln would've lived...but I guess some of our astronauts would've been killed by Necropmorphs which is not so maybe actual history isn't so bad.

Also: Nice work! This is great.

xabmol2466d ago

Lincoln was a vicious dictator! We would all be better off if he was killed long before his election.

Only good thing he did, which is what many believe caused his death, was to challenge the banks by having congress print, constitutionally valid, money. BUT, that was only because he did not want to pay interest on the money he needed to conquer a separate sovereign country.

Fuck Lincoln/End rant...

THR1LLHOUSE2465d ago

Wow...that is an odd comment to see an N4G.

Or anywhere, really.

Maybe you'd rather Miles Edgeworth had been there to help Jefferson Davis instead?

LouisGarcia2466d ago

I'm checking for a warp-zone behind my toilet when I get home.