Wasteland franchise may return through Kickstarter campaign

Double Fine may have sparked a revolution of sorts last week when it raised oodles of cash to help fund its adventure game side-project through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The success of the sans-publisher experiment has since piqued the interest of game makers everywhere, including that of the PC RPG pioneer and current inXile Entertainment CEO, Brian Fargo.

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webbsod2441d ago

just wait till one of these games flops and no less donates again.

dedicatedtogamers2441d ago

Actually, you're more right than you may know. I'm a big fan of hobby boardgames and smaller boardgame developers have been using (more like abusing) Kickstarter for several years now, and that's exactly what has happened: a lot of the games flop because Kickstarter is oversaturated with boardgames.

VirtualSamadhi2441d ago

Anyone wanna petition EA for a proper System Shock reboot?

NYC_Gamer2441d ago

wouldn't bother since the brains behind that franchise are now Irrational Games.

VirtualSamadhi2441d ago

That depends. I wasn't a huge fan of Bioshock! Loved SS2, though. Creepier setting, weirder cyberpunk monstrosities!

rayzorn2441d ago

wow i killed that game so many times. those 5 1/4 disks died if you used them to much. and i played this game over and over on my comodor 64.

i am excited to hear they are thinking of another even if it may never happen.this is the first i have heard of anything. and it sounds like they are thinking of taking a fallout aproch. but with a squad. the origanal fallouts not the new stuff.

as much as i liked the 2 new fallouts. im more of a fan of the first 2 and tactics. but i think alot of old school gamers feel that way. im talkin 30 years plus age.