Kid Icarus: Uprising AR idol cards sound pretty cool

Kid Icarus: Uprising's use of augmented reality might be one of the game's most interesting features.

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THR1LLHOUSE2413d ago

Will these be compatible with my GBA E-Reader?

WiiUWiime2413d ago

Bring this feature to more games!!! Cool:)

mayberry2413d ago

the vita is so cool! AR is a cool feature too. It has been around for awhile now i.e. the line of scrimmage and first down visuals in NFL games for example, but it is nice to see gaming applications!

mayberry2413d ago

Some people disagreed with augmented reality in games being cool? Explain please

r212413d ago

why bring up the vita on 3ds game focused article? yes they both can do AR but unnecessary to mention.