BioWare explains why PC Mass Effect 3 doesn't support gamepads

Eurogamer - "There's no BioWare masterplan behind Mass Effect 3 not supporting gamepads on PC - the team was overstretched and couldn't spare the time and effort required."

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Moncole2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

because they are lazy. Even small indie devs support a controller for PC and since its an xbox port its not hard.
Supergiant Games has a small team and still supported controller support for Bastion for PC.

There is no reason this day and age not to include it in a multiplatform game

fluffydelusions2468d ago

Funny how indies companies can add it yet BW doesn't have the manpower lol. GTFO

BattleAxe2468d ago

You'd think that adding controller support would be a no-brainer since these games are 60 hours long or more. I own ME1+2 on Steam, but haven't gotten around to playing them yet since I've already played ME2 on PS3 and I plan on buying the PS3 version of ME3 so I don't have to use Origin. I've got no problem using the KB/M, but it would be alot nicer to be able to sit back with my feet up and use a 360 controller.

Godmars2902467d ago

And yet you'll have to log onto Origin even from a console.

Deputydon2467d ago

What is more strange is they don't even seem willing to dedicate some time to adding it in a future update, ya know, when their team isn't swamped with work...

ProjectVulcan2467d ago

360 controller support would probably take a decent programmer a couple hours to implement, if that.

However the other games never supported it so i didn't expect ME3 to either TBH.

Some people might prefer the pad but generally i found the mouse and keyboard on ME2 to be superior, being able to turn on a dime and easy hotkeys for powers was where it is at.

So i sympathise if you really like a pad, but try without. You might like it when you get used to it.

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zeal0us2468d ago

So all that extra time they had during the delays of the game they couldn't add controller support, wth?

Well I guess its a good thing I got Xpadder and game Pinnacle Profiler.

LAWSON722468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

well they were busy with kinect integration which is way more important

HD_GAMER19892468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

I guess people will just have to download Xpadder and make do. i had to that for bioshock 2 and mass effect 2. its a pain in the ass but im a game pad guy. Carpal tunnel no thanks.if you don't want to pay for it I'm pretty sure you can find it free or go to pirate bay and search it.

lizard812882467d ago

The problem is, I don't think Xpadder is free no more. You have to pay $10. There is also Joy to Key, but Xpadder is more user friendly.

Then again, if you go to the pirate bay, I'm sure you can find xpadder there...for free....

...not that I would know that from personal experience or anything...

BattleTorn2468d ago

They HAD to invest the time and effort to configure the controller for Xbox 360 version.

How hard is it to take that already existing work, and put into the PC version.

There should be that much addition time and effort; considering they'd already done it for the 360.

Btw, this is my main reason for considering a console version over using my (brand-new) PC.
I want gamepad support, now just do it!

caperjim2468d ago

My thoughts exactly. I was looking forward to this game but now im willing to do without it because of no controller support. There is no excuse.

I love PC gaming but i love my controller too. Im not giving a lazy developer my money. If i have to buy it for console to get gamepad support ill pass. Ill buy another game.

HD_GAMER19892468d ago

or you could use pirate bay plus xpadder.

caperjim2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

3rd party programs like xpadder is nothing compared to built in support. I consider myself excellent with a gamepad but even i cant aim with those programs. They just dont feel right.

CoLD FiRE2468d ago

@caperjim Programs like xpadder only emulate the mouse and keyboard movements and clicks on the gampepad. The reason you can't aim with such solutions is that there's no aim assist to help you like in consoles or in an officially gamepad supported game.

caperjim2468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

No it has nothing to do with aim assist. Games like Battlefield 3, Homefront and Black Ops supported gamepads and these games were great online with a controller.

There is very little difference in the "feel" of the gamepad when compared to console if they are actually supported well in PC games. No aim assist is needed for many gamepad users.

HD_GAMER19892467d ago

well you can adjust and calibrate it to your liking and like i said if u get the game for free atleast you can play it somehow. Only beef i had with xpadder was not being able to use each button efficiently, and not enough buttons had to end up leaving things out. also notice i said make do lol that means its nothing compared to integrated game pad support but if your like me and using the k & m set up is as much fun as throwing acid in your eyes and then walking threw a mine field then xpadder will do.

TheGameFoxJTV2467d ago

Well, you haven't played the other 2 Mass Effect games, so why start at the 3rd one?

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GraveLord2468d ago ShowReplies(3)
Sony3602468d ago (Edited 2468d ago )

I can only assume we can expect a patch?

Oh wait a second, I don't care anyway!

A keyboard/mouse beats a controller any day of the week when it comes to shooters. As long as the game is good, it doesn't bother me.

If I wanted to play it on a controller, I'd get it on a console.

SilentNegotiator2467d ago

Well BULLY to your personal preference of control.

But some people like using Gamepads. And there's really no excuse not to have support.

dredgewalker2467d ago

Yeah, there's no excuse not to have gamepad support for the pc when the 360 has it too. As much as I'm used to the keyboard and mouse there are games that I prefer using the gamepad and the pc is supposed to be a very flexible gaming platform. This is just so wrong coming from a big developer.

Baka-akaB2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Dude the point of the pc is basically to have access to most options .

This is just some bull to force people onto the inferior console versions , or fight pc piracy .

Wich is ridiculous , if you're into pads and a freeloader , you'll just use xpadder and joy2key to map your keyboard functions to the pad , just to spit them .

SephirothX212467d ago

This is rubbish. In a simple XNA game, it takes twoo minutes to add controller support. The code is extremely straight forward and high level.

solidt122467d ago

They probably made a deal with Microsoft not to include it to help console sells.

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Voxelman2468d ago

Wow, now i am worried about the quality of the game. If something as simple as turning on Gamepad support with the 360 mapping is to hard for them to do in time. What else are they cutting?

It's not like it would be some massive task to implement, the controls are already built for 360, and Unreal engine has has support for the 360 pad. I doubt it would take one guy more than a few days to get it all up and running.

CoLD FiRE2468d ago

The PC community have been asking Bioware for gamepad support since the first Mass Effect. You would think with all that demand and the time they had developing 3 games on the PC, Bioware would care enough to add the feature. No, they're just too lazy and don't give a shit about their customers. The only thing they care about is the money in our wallets.

And to prove it's not as hard as they're making it to be, some guys in the ME community got the Xbox 360 controller to partially work in the PC version of Mass Effect by modifying some of the game files. But it was glitchy and conflicted with the keyboard/mouse setup.

-Mika-2468d ago

Why are you pc gamers upset about this. I thought the keyboard was the best controller.

tmoss7262468d ago

Tell that to Rockstar when they made GTA lol. For 3rd person games, I think controller works much better. Besides practically indie games and AAA games have controller support, so there's no excuse.

despair2468d ago

not for me, I find it much better with Mouse and Keyboard. I do agree that some games play better with controller but GTA wasn't one of them. Perfect aim was a godsend and its extremely easy to get accustomed, and most times for me, preferred.

ME2 was much better for me on PC with Mouse and Keyboard and even though it was far from bad on consoles I missed perfect accuracy aiming for my sniper.

TheOtherTheoG2467d ago

Unlike the majority of third person games, ME depends a great deal on pure precision, and tends to work far better on M&K than gamepad. It's kinda like playing the old Max Payne games on a pad, it just flat out isn't as good. Oh, and hotkeys, ME depends on them a lot.

Baka-akaB2467d ago (Edited 2467d ago )

Not really , i havent seen that much precision required from ME , at last not nearly as much as other action games and fps , and the game pretty much let you pause on the fly for skills menus .

The game was born exclusively on console to begin with , so the gameplay is more than fine .

The rest is preference .

I'm bored with fps on every platforms , and the rest i only play with the pc plugged to the tv on the couch .

Hardly the best setting for K+M , even wireless .

Anyway what Mika and co refuse to get is that the whole point of PC gaming is to be free and having options

mistajeff2468d ago

i almost always prefer gamepad for third-person and racing games, mouse/keyboard for first-person and strategy-type titles. some 3rd person games are downright atrocious to control with mouse and keyboard. ever seen the key binds for assassin's creed on PC? it's a shitshow. ME2 and 3 both have very straightforward controls on PC, so it's not a huge deal, but i'd definitely prefer to use a gamepad if i could.

Voxelman2468d ago

A lot of PC gamers like to hook their PC up to their TV and play on the couch etc, in that situation a gamepad is a better option that an keyboard & mouse. Plus the game is designed around a gamepad anyway so it doesn't really take much advantage of K&M.

RedDead2468d ago

not all think the keyboard is the best controller. ME and ME2 was much better for me with Mouse and Keyboard. but I aint Everyone. lazy it is.

Jacobite2467d ago

Gamers should have choice on all platforms, I myself would like K&M support on consoles as Joypad support on PC you pay the cash you should have the choice, and its not PC v Consoles its just about choice for gamers as most folk own more than one gaming platform.

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despair2468d ago

why would you want it anyways, I loved the PC interface and controls for ME2. But still I understand that at least having the option should be there.

thedarkvault2468d ago

Just like DICE with BF3 VOIP on PC. It must be EA policy to screw over PC consumers while giving half-assed excuses.