Sony and Valve: A tale of two hacking responses

Gamasutra- Was Valve's reaction to its hacking problem truly better than Sony's? Or were there other factors at play?

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Dante1122492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Article in a shell. "Valve-4 days...Sony- 6 days!!! OMG! Value handle it better"

Talk about beating a dead horse. They're beating the bones at this point.

360GamerFG2492d ago

That does not even begin to describe this article. You missed so many elements and chose to focus on what you and your bretheren could depict as a weak point in the article. Shameful.

tiffac0082492d ago

I think the main point of the article was the difference in response by the media and the community in regards to the respective hacks.

Dante1122492d ago

Yeah, I think Financial missed the point of my comment. People didn't even make a big deal outta the Valve hack response time like they did and still do with the Sony hack. Same with the media. Credit card info was even taken from some the Value users, yet again, crickets.

Edit: Same with Microsoft's recent Xbox Live accounts that have been taken over and sold on shady sites with credit used up on it and it's recent India online stores hack. Most don't even know that happened.

360GamerFG2492d ago

"It's hard to find anyone who will defend Sony's handling of the hacking incident. . ." You sir need to try coming on to N4G once in a while if you believe that!